Traducción de dynamometer en español:


dinamómetro, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdaɪnəˈmɑmədər/ /ˌdʌɪnəˈmɒmɪtə/

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    dinamómetro masculino
    • First, under the testing conditions described, it is not possible for the dynamometer to measure the locomotive's maximum drawbar pull.
    • Average flexion strength was 96% of the normal side, as measured with a dynamometer.
    • Finally, the engine is connected to a dynamometer, which simulates actual driving conditions by varying the resistance against the spinning engine.
    • According to the company, the engine has done more than 3.7 million miles on a dynamometer and 1.8 million miles in actual vehicle testing.
    • The basal part of the stem was submitted to a transient controlled bending at constant displacement rate using a motorized dynamometer.