Traducción de e'en en español:


Pronunciación /in/ /iːn/


literario, arcaico
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    • ‘My good young man, eat up,’ said the priest, his face silhouetted, e'en for a dearth of sunlight to cast shadows in the cell-room.
    • Beyond, the temple was larger than it had looked, e'en to the trained hunter's gaze; a sickly air of the amber-light pervaded the columns of the temple, emanating like some swamp-illness from the cyclopean ruins of the moon-deity.
    • Dalmius nursed the invigorating fire-drink from a horn-flask, ensconced in leather, e'en as his thin hands trembled.
    • Tis serfitude pure and simple, e'en as the words of Kipling echo about my head.
    • Atop his head was a headdress of leaves; his skin was painted a dark tincture of blue, and his fair eyes shone e'en from that distance as surely as his throwing-spear was pointed with a true-sharp arrowhead.