Traducción de e-banking en español:


banca electrónica, n.


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    banca electrónica femenino
    • The closely watched investigation is rapidly becoming a touchstone case for the future of e-banking in South Africa.
    • Now the WWW has become the preferred environment for a multitude of e-services: e-commerce, e-banking, e-voting, e-government, etc.
    • In fact, the advent of e-banking makes such a practice even less sensible.
    • In contrast, e-banking became common relatively early in Finland.
    • E-commerce or e-banking is based on a hard Internet architecture.
    • However, Web site data indicated that e-banking contains a relatively high number of pages per visit.
    • None of this e-banking or wire transfer stuff for them.
    • But one the greatest features of e-banking was electronic payment.
    • This was my method until I opened a bank account with the company a few years ago and was introduced to the wonderful world of e-banking.
    • More and more security experts are lining up against the use of static passwords for e-banking; in part because the technique makes consumers easy prey for phishers.
    • Similarly, no one content type distinguishes their Web activity: town pages, online auctions, music and sports, general interest portals, e-banking and Web based e-mail are all present.
    • Other popular reasons for going on-line include searching for medical and health-related information (57%), e-banking (37%), and to find employment (31%).
    • The issues discussed at the forum were all related to e-commerce, e-banking, e-security and e-solutions.
    • It is safe computing practice not to perform critical web surfing activities such as E-banking and checking your email on a public computer.
    • Therefore, the WWW is currently a commonly used platform for e-commerce, e-banking, e-auctioning, e-government, e-voting, e-healthcare, e-insurance, e-anything.
    • You might have e-banking and Internet banking, but you still need access to the cash itself.
    • It will provide these companies with the means to offer complete e-banking and take full advantage of the Internet.
    • Telecommuting, e-banking and e-commerce will be everyday items.
    • His company had introduced e-banking, e-governments and e-campus in Zambia to assist the country in embracing and advancing in e-solutions.
    • While the error is not the bank's fault, it is nevertheless reflective of the need to rethink the virtues of flashy, corporate banks that promise facilities like ATM, e-banking, and other electronic, click-of-the-mouse transactions.