Translation of e-business in Spanish:


e-business, n.

Pronunciation /ˈiˌbɪznəs/


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    (world of electronic commerce)
    e-business masculine
    negocios electrónicos masculine
    • Most of us would agree that a superb e-business Web site is one that meets all of our needs as quickly as possible.
    • London's mayor is to get an e-business adviser to promote e-commerce and hi-tech businesses in the capital.
    • Employees working in the e-business and web sector in Ireland receive salaries on a par with other economic sectors.
    • IBM is a major player and solving this problem is essential to their e-business on-demand strategy.
    • The company will set up a European e-business centre in Clonshaugh together with an internet data centre.
    • The advent of the Internet and e-business has spawned new companies with a different mindset.
    • If you're going to get involved in e-business then your website will have to be integrated with your back office.
    • It is a total e-business solution suitable for a larger organisation requiring up to 200 concurrent users.
    • We have funded money into Stanford University, into the e-business school there.
    • In acquiring their original e-business employees, companies depended primarily on permanent staff.
    • The authors have thus created a work which is ideal for an e-business manager or someone about to go into such a position.
    • Moreover, local market partners can be linked to your e-business chain to provide a seamless service to the customer.
    • Any company that initiates an e-business effort has to consider every function of the business.
    • The essence is that the cost of an e-business project could be many times the cost of an in-house project.
    • Vision and strategy are important, but the real key to success in the e-business era is execution.
    • In doing so, they argue for an e-business management team to coordinate projects and formulate strategy.
    • Ryan believes that the e-business transformation is akin to a journey.
    • The e-business initiative is driven by Enterprise Ireland and the County Enterprise Boards.
    • As it turns out, this more practical view is only serving to heighten interest in e-business.
    • Over the years, he has learned some lessons about the kind of attitude it takes to succeed in e-business.
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    e-business masculine
    • Mirador was chaired by Jonathan Mills, who was also a founder of Trinity Technology which spawned the failed e-business consultancy Ebeon.
    • We have funded money into Stanford University, into the e-business school there.
    • To realise the value of the prize, Labyrinth undertook to build an e-business system for Irish Farmhouse within six months.
    • We want to give you the respect where your data is only going to be utilized in the individualization of our e-business.
    • Weber supervised Citi's international offices, and his responsibilities at Aetna included tech operations and its e-business.
    • The company offers website management and consultancy for those new to e-business.
    • One of its strongest areas, and the reason it is a pivotal e-business company, is its internet-based training solutions both at home and abroad.
    • Minor, who heads e-mail marketing at Allaire Corporation, an e-business platform provider, farms out some duties to list broker
    • Strata3 is an internet development and e-business consultancy.