Translation of e-tailer in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈiˌteɪlər/ /ˈiːteɪlə/


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    comerciante minorista que realiza sus transacciones por Internet
    • This easy way to avoid sales tax is one reason for the enormous popularity of mail order in the US and it means that US Internet e-tailers are used to not collecting sales tax too often.
    • When the Seattle-based e-tailer, which sells IT kit including software, printers and computer components, realised what had happened it cancelled the orders.
    • Another indication that this is the case comes from the terms that credit card companies give e-tailers.
    • Recent online pricing mistakes by well-known companies have highlighted a number of problems facing e-tailers and all those who conduct business on the Internet.
    • A new e-commerce law protects UK ISPs and e-tailers from actions over content held on or passing through their networks.
    • This suggests that e-tailers who provide relationship-enhancing services will be viewed more positively.
    • In a survey of the top 25 online shopping sites in the UK, consultancy Plaut found that just 15 per cent of e-tailers had a level of customers service equivalent to that expected on the high street.
    • Second, the number and variety of retailers, including e-tailers, that wanted to stock the company's styles had grown significantly.
    • The FBI has warned e-tailers to guard against hackers.
    • Some EMI partners sell directly to listeners, other to e-tailers who will themselves target consumers.
    • The e-tailer informed its affiliates of the move in an email today - leaving them with around a week's notice, and over the Christmas period.
    • He refused to comment on speculation that his e-tailer is looking at buying a US online toy seller.
    • More surfers are already shopping online - in August 75 per cent of Net users visited e-tailers, already higher than last year's peak month of December.
    • In the end, Rubin predicts the multichannel e-tailers or retailers will win out, by existing everywhere the consumer wants them to be.
    • We'll look at what that means for retailers and e-tailers.
    • As the school year approaches, the textbook retailers and e-tailers will continue to spar in an attempt to separate the boys from the men.
    • They say very few e-tailers are getting it right.
    • Comparing an e-tailer like with a retail bookseller shows far less energy use per book sold, in fact a 16 to 1 difference.
    • ‘However, we do remain vulnerable in all our markets to acts of terrorism,’ the e-tailer warned.
    • The e-tailer sold 1.4 million copies of the new Harry Potter book in June, and free shipping fired up sales.