Translation of e-zine in Spanish:


revista electrónica, n.

Pronunciation /ˈizin/ /ˈiːziːn/


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    revista electrónica feminine
    e-zine feminine
    • This article was first published in Issue 47 of Linux Gazette, an on-line e-zine published by Linux Journal.
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    • Third, you can be very proactive and write articles on your subject matter and send them off to magazines or e-zines.
    • In addition to the written texts, tables, charts, and images traditionally used in printed magazines, e-zines expand offerings to audio, animation, video clips, and other modes of presentation.
    • E-books, e-zines, web sites, newspapers and magazines will all stimulate your mind.
    • People will visit your web site to read past issues of your e-zine that they've missed.
    • There are thousands of media portals on the Web: newspapers, periodicals, academic journals, e-zines, book reviews and more.