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cada, adj.

Pronunciación /itʃ/ /iːtʃ/

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    (invariable adjective) cada
    each question is worth five points cada pregunta vale cinco puntos
    • each one is hand-painted cada uno de ellos está pintado a mano
    • each one of us/them cada uno de nosotros/ellos


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    cada uno
    cada una
    examine the rings: each represents a year's growth observen los anillos: cada uno representa un año de crecimiento
    • we passed through several villages, each more picturesque than the last pasamos por varios pueblecitos, a cuál más pintoresco
    • each in turn stepped onto the stage uno por uno fueron subiendo al escenario
    • I'll have a little of each, please sírveme un poco de cada uno, por favor
    • Fawcett's team won the last three ends but managed only a single shot on each of them.
    • He has a growing collection of plastic dinosaurs and he can pretty much name each one.
    • It is so heavy that it can only be pulled at a walk by eight horses, each of which has to give full effort.
    • Since then she has read each of the first three books three times and the fourth one twice.
    • When the buns have risen, use the back of a knife to make a cross indentation on the top of each one.
    • Place the pears in the bowl of water and lemon juice while you are preparing each one in turn.
    • All of them have been so varied and each one is always totally different form the last.
    • There will be three sessions on each of the first two days and then two sessions each day.
    • Staff manned a picket line on each of the three gates at the approaches to the factory.
    • The activities or thoughts that bring on a state of flow are different for each of us.
    • Responses to each of the items on the scale are given a score of between zero and three.
    • He eyed each one carefully and wondered if any could guess what he was about to say.
    • Every week there is a new rail scare and each one ebbs away at my confidence in the rail system.
    • Each card is from a red suit but we do not know this: each of us sees only the suit of his own card.
    • Place two small frying pans on a gentle heat and pour a little olive oil in each one.
    • Rub each of the boned chicken legs all over with a little olive oil and the thyme leaves.
    • The names went on and with each one some lucky man let out a yelp and snatched his letter up.
    • Klara had made each of us a pair of mittens to wear in the back room when it was cold.
    • At last we came upon a set of double doors that had a rectangular window on each of them.
    • So if two people are to be given a slice of cake, each of them ought to get a piece the same size.
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    each of
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    they each received a gift cada uno recibió un regalo
    • you have each been granted … a cada uno de ustedes se le ha otorgado …
    • John and Bill each won a car John y Bill ganaron un coche cada uno


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    we were paid $10 each nos pagaron 10 dólares a cada uno
    • the apples are 20 cents each las manzanas valen 20 centavos por pieza / cada una
    • Four seminars were held in July, one each for trustees, presidents, deans, and school heads.
    • The glasses only cost $0.85 each, but the minimum order is for 25 pairs.
    • Cinema-goers paid 20p each to become the inaugural customers at the 10-screen multiplex.
    • When we got married I think we maybe had 10 books each, including novels by Sir Walter Scott.
    • German women are having less than 1.4 children each - only two thirds the level needed to maintain zero population growth.
    • I divided the specimens into three groups of about twenty each and handed out the first group after my talk.