Translation of eagerly in Spanish:


con entusiasmo, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈiɡərli/ /ˈiːɡəli/


  • 1

    (accept/agree) con entusiasmo
    (await/look forward to) ansiosamente
    (await/look forward to) con ansiedad e impaciencia
    (listen/read) con avidez
    • To be sure, most Asians, whatever their creed, eagerly embrace modernity.
    • He suggested a drink, and I nodded eagerly, for I was thirsty.
    • I felt slightly like a puppy who had followed him home, eagerly performing the tricks he asked of me.
    • Beaten, Buck calms down and eagerly eats food from the man's hand.
    • She forgot the question at once and eagerly agreed.
    • To a capacity crowd, they slip easily and eagerly into the role of warm-up band with a more than healthy gusto.
    • If both parents are working, help is most often eagerly accepted - if not actively sought.
    • They will eagerly, and often impulsively, engage in social interactions, even with strangers.
    • The first half was eagerly and evenly contested with the best chance for Ardattin coming when Curry's shot clipped the crossbar.
    • Member states have pursued their domestic interests too eagerly and threatened to disrupt a trade agreement.