Translation of ear-splitting in Spanish:


estridente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪ(ə)rˌsplɪdɪŋ/

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    (scream) estridente
    (scream) que rompe los tímpanos
    • The other boys piled in and they drove off, playing their loud, ear-splitting music and leaving trails of smoke behind.
    • Suddenly, a loud, ear-splitting song came on causing the two friends to groan.
    • Coran walked into the gym and immediately heard the ear-splitting volume of the loud, fast music.
    • The hand that still held the gun flew out in front of him and a loud, ear-splitting bang filled the room.
    • I let out a fiendish, ear-splitting yell, finally cracking.
    • They waited in silence before an ear-splitting crack broke it.
    • Another flash of lightning raced through the sky, and an ear-splitting crack accompanied it seconds later.
    • She whamed right into the hard marble wall with an ear-splitting crack.
    • The monster shrieked an ear-splitting scream and stepped through the flames, reaching for Quen with its taloned paw.
    • The noise outside had risen to a deafening, ear-splitting crescendo.
    • An ear-splitting crash resounded through the room as the glass shattered and flew everywhere.
    • Outside, an ear-splitting crash of thunder rocked the sky, echoing the visual blast of lightning.
    • The destruction of America's oldest space shuttle was heralded by an ear-splitting series of booms that rattled houses across the area.
    • He smiled, raised his trunk, and emitted an ear-splitting trumpeting.
    • When a call comes in huge siren horns mounted on poles around town go off with an ear-splitting, undulating scream.
    • Every window in the front half of the house shakes violently with the bass beat, as the music at ear-splitting volume fills the night air.
    • Indeed, a low whistle began to sound from the top of the kettle and within a minute it became a high-pitched, ear-splitting shriek.
    • He was screaming in high shrills, each an ear-splitting cry.
    • Kira chose that moment to let out an ear-splitting screech.
    • An impossibly high, ear-splitting sound emitted from the speakers, shattering almost all the windows in the stadium.
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    (noise/din/racket) ensordecedor