Translation of early in Spanish:


temprano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈərli/ /ˈəːli/

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adjective earlier, earliest

  • 1

    (before expected time)
    to be early for sth
    her early arrival took us by surprise su llegada anticipada / antes de tiempo nos tomó por sorpresa
    • I was early llegué temprano
    • we were 20 minutes early llegamos con 20 minutos de adelanto
    • the baby was a week early el niño se adelantó una semana
    • the bus was early el autobús pasó (or salió etc.) antes de la hora
    • your report is early for once por una vez entregas el informe antes de tiempo
    • I was early getting to work this morning esta mañana llegué al trabajo antes de la hora
    • Twenty-five pensioners enjoyed a free lunch as an early Christmas present from their local pub.
    • Just to really stoke things up, we arrived at Lyneham to find that we'd been booked an early lunch in the canteen.
    • Monday was an early lunch of homemade mince pie, chips and veg at Via Veneto.
    • Mum was booked on the 12.55 back to Edinburgh, so it had to be an early lunch, come hail or shine.
    • I'd pretty well given up on the day, took an early lunch, popped a couple of painkillers and took to my bed.
    • Once I had finished updating a monthly report, I took an early lunch and met her for a coffee.
    • After an early lunch we packed some kit into a couple of bags and off we went to catch the ferry to Brownsea Island.
    • He's off to Aus for a month on Thursday so we grabbed an early Christmas drink down near his office in Leatherhead.
    • We had decided to get an early start and headed out to Kirkuk and then to Tikrit.
    • There was an early start each day, admittedly, but I covered nearly 100 miles a day and got a lot done in between.
    • Saturday will be centrepiece of the trek, and an early start will take them over a high mountain pass to Spain.
    • Any protracted celebrations were curtailed by the early start to the Derry championship.
    • He was three-quarters of a length up at the line, and could have gained no more than a neck's advantage by his early start.
    • It's an idea that repeatedly surfaces in magazines and newspapers trying to sell an early start to the weekend.
    • The concentration of starch in stage two nodosities indicates a relatively early onset of starch accumulation.
    • The early onset of agricultural innovation there cannot be ascribed to above-average urban demand.
    • It's still early, but I may well get an entire chapter out of that little spark of an idea.
    • With early planting it is essential that a good seed treatment be used to protect the seed.
    • The IAEA mission has handed the plant management an early report on their work.
    • It is expected that the union will shortly call an early general assembly.
  • 2

    • 2.1

      (crop/variety) temprano
      (crop/variety) tempranero Colombia
      • However, for early crops in the south of the country, disease outbreak can be much earlier.
      • Two types of monad pollen are present in early orchids, namely that with pollenkitt and that with elastoviscin.
      • Many of the early maturing varieties are best when ripened under relatively cool conditions.
      • Wild plants such as the early marsh orchids are very selective about where they grow.
      • In several cases it is possible to test this by comparing early and late varieties of titanite from the same sample or same locality.
      • The garden is taking on its autumn hues and late-flowering plants dominate while early bloomers fade.

    • 2.2(before normal time)

      I had an early breakfast desayuné temprano
      • Easter is early this year (la) Pascua cae temprano este año
      • an early death una muerte temprana / prematura

    • 2.3(first, far back in time)

      she was an early advocate of the free market fue una pionera en la defensa del mercado libre
      • early reports from the area los primeros informes de la zona
      • his earliest memories sus primeros recuerdos
      • the earliest train we can catch el primer tren que podemos tomar
      • at an early stage en una etapa temprana
      • if detected in the early stages si se detecta en sus comienzos
      • at an earlier stage en una etapa anterior
      • it's too early to tell es demasiado pronto para saber
      • This early sequence, without a trace of dignity or sensitivity, sets the tone for the entire film.
      • The early chapters are strong on narrative and pace but the ending sort of fades.
      • A penniless writer used to sit here all day, writing the early draft chapters of her now famous novel.
      • She narrates the early chapters with an innocence and knowingness that is touching, funny and disturbing.
      • The early chapters are not well handled from a technical point of view.
      • In my eyes, this is an exceptionally well written book, particularly in the early chapters.
      • The fact that we know how this horrible story ends makes it difficult for us to analyse the early chapters.
      • The early chapters are a little confusing perhaps, and the ending is a tad predictable.
      • Thackeray, as he penned the early chapters, saw a rather more dignified narrative future for William.
      • These early chapters confirm much of what was suspected but not known about the Tampa crisis.
      • The plot is triggered in the early chapters of the novel when a colleague is murdered.
      • Just how rapid the early stages of recovery can be is shown for Anomodon viticulosus in Fig.3.
      • It reminded me a lot of the early parts of the peyote sequence in Animal Man.
      • With the transformation still in its early stages revenues are expected to decline.
      • For many crop species, such as corn or wheat, varieties involved in the early stages of domestication are lost.
      • During the early stages of plant development, internode elongation is suppressed and only leaves expand.
      • Browsing may cause profuse basal branching and maintain plants at an early stage of growth and development.
      • Mr Miller told us that one question kept cropping up from an early stage.
      • In roots of wild-type plants of cultivar Finale, all early stages of infection were identified.
      • Mr Oliver said that plans for the plant were in the early stages and more details would be released next month.

    • 2.4(in morning)

      we're early risers somos madrugadores
      • you won't find anyone up at this early hour no vas a encontrar a nadie levantado tan temprano / a estas horas
      • to get or (British also) make an early start salir temprano
      • I went for an early swim me fui a nadar temprano
      • I asked for an early morning call pedí que me despertaran por la mañana temprano

    • 2.5(toward beginning of period)

      in the early afternoon a primeras horas de la tarde
      • in early June a principios / a comienzos de junio
      • the early 20th century los comienzos del siglo XX
      • the Early Middle Ages la Alta Edad Media
      • the early Church la iglesia primitiva
      • in early childhood en la primera infancia
      • he spent his early life in India pasó sus primeros años en la India
      • from an early age desde pequeño
      • he was in his early twenties tenía poco más de veinte años
      • an early goal un gol temprano
      • an early Picasso un Picasso de la primera época
      • Early American style estilo colonial americano
      • It was early morning and he had been parking his van near a site where he was working as a labourer, when he and a co-worker saw the fire.
      • It was early in the morning and the sun was just beginning to show its lovely face from the horizon.
      • The early goal in that second period helped lift us, gave us something to hold on to, and from then on we played well.
      • From early morning, the general atmosphere was calm and relaxed, more in tune with a public festival than a mass protest.
      • An early goal after 30 seconds had the team from Portmagee under pressure from the start.
      • In the early hours of the morning, police saw a driver using fog lights when there was no need for it and checked him.
      • We had already done around a dozen surgical cases in the morning and the early afternoon.
      • It now goes to the Senate, where little opposition is expected, in early March.
      • However, Stevenson and his film crew have been warned to expect a few early alarm calls before they finally have the film in the can.
      • We expected reasonable weather in early September, but boy, were we disappointed!
      • They have until September 30 to submit final bids, and a winner is expected by early October.
      • A decision on how the court will proceed is expected sometime in early April.
      • It is fascinating walking country, greener in early summer than you might expect.
      • He had gone to his gentleman's club and was not expected to return until early evening.
      • An employee in his early thirties may well expect to retire at an earlier age than employees in their late fifties.
      • The early work, expected to start soon, will focus on the nature reserve.
      • Rangers settled quickest and took an early lead from a diving header by Smith from Philips cross.
      • The trials programme emerged as an ingenious political expedient in early 1998.
      • A quick listen to their early songs proves just how clued in this group was from the start.
      • It's never too early in the spring to plant the radish seeds, as long as the soil can be worked.
      • The Islamic expansion of the early medieval period was not waged for glory, or any of the other factors I listed at the top of this op.
      • As we get into the post-Roman / early medieval period we have a series of bows from Denmark and Germany.
      • During the early post-war period, however, there was a marked turn towards a more analytical style.
      • Contrary to what many books say, neither chess or draughts were commonly played in the early medieval period.
      • In the early modern period Descartes seems to have taken this position.
      • The unitary empire of the early Islamic period had fragmented into numerous regional and local states.
      • When we look at this Hadith, we have a glimpse of life in the early Islamic period.
      • Brading's book is a fine study that scholars of the early modern period should read.
      • We are only now beginning to see how much survived of Roman and Celtic culture in the early medieval period.
      • For historians of the early modern period the study of death has proven especially fruitful.
      • The main phase of construction of the visible walls of the fort, however, belongs to the early medieval period.

  • 3

    (in near future)
    we should appreciate an early reply agradeceríamos una pronta respuesta
    • an earlier date would be preferable una fecha más cercana sería preferible
    • at the earliest possible moment lo antes / lo más pronto posible

adverb earlier, earliest

  • 1

    (before expected time)
    come early if you want to get a seat ven temprano si quieres conseguir asiento
    • the baby arrived two weeks early el niño se adelantó dos semanas
    • she was released earlier than expected la pusieron en libertad antes de lo esperado
    • People are advised to book tickets early as it is expected that the show will sell out very quickly.
    • Today I left work early to watch them play their deadly rivals St Hugo's at home and caught the second half.
    • Today we woke up early and decided to see as much of the city as we could on foot.
    • This means the bar started its party 12 hours early, at noon today, as the seventeenth dawned in Fiji.
    • She rises early before the sun gets too hot to work in the corn fields behind her apartment.
    • I managed to charm one of the supervisors into letting me start, and thus finish half an hour early.
    • He might as well try this race, and if he did reach the finish line early, he could down the whiskey.
    • A few producers were able to line up scripts early and finished that part of the work sooner.
    • She rose early the next morning with a thousand questions running around in her head - where was she?
    • People are advised to get their tickets early as a full house is expected.
    • The freight train involved in the crash was running 20 minutes early, it was revealed today.
    • The agent came today, half an hour early, to measure up the rooms, note details and take photographs.
    • The workers said there would be no production at the site today and many were leaving work early.
    • We turned into bed early that night, readying ourselves for what we expected would be a long day.
    • I set out early, expecting the city to myself, only to discover the streets packed with runners and spectators.
    • His boss is nice, lets him glide his time, so he works through lunch and takes off early, which is a good plan on fine days.
    • We were encouraged to sign up early for events as some were expected to sell out early.
    • It took me over a week to do just this chapter, because the computer lab closed early, some days.
    • The bulbs can be planted early, which gives them longer to fatten up.
    • However, there are justifiable reasons for going to bed so ridiculously early.
  • 2

    • 2.1(before usual time)

      pronto Spain
      we had dinner early cenamos temprano

    • 2.2(in morning)

      pronto Spain
      I get up early every morning me levanto temprano todas las mañanas
      • In Beijing the announcement was put out early on the morning of the 30th.
      • The Israel Defence Force (IDF) said it had been responding to rocket fire early yesterday.
      • Although not a morning person whatsoever Ari forced herself out of bed early every morning so she could start to get ready.
      • It was announced earlier today that the final plans for the Eden-Epsom recreational precinct are now on public display.
      • One person died and two others were seriously injured in a collision between a lorry and a New Forest Council vehicle early today.
      • Two shots were fired at a police car as officers made a routine stop-check on a vehicle parked on the M5 motorway in Gloucestershire early this morning.
      • I and my two friends arrived fairly rested in Madrid very early on a Sunday morning and were immediately greeted by our Activity Coordinator, Antonio.
      • Early to bed and early to rise and we awoke to the fulfillment of the horrid weather forecast: cold, dark skies, windy.
      • He explained that, earlier in the day, he had delivered the then-current version of the testimony to the State Department's Legal Adviser, Abraham Sofaer.
      • And early the next morning, it was back on the Gray Goose for another site visit.
      • He said they had arrested 12 Iraqis during raids in the Tikrit area overnight and early yesterday.
      • Earlier in the day, Vajpayee held a one-on-one meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Zafar ullah Jamali after the inaugural session of the summit.
      • She died early last Wednesday morning.
      • So this morning, I woke up early and enjoyed a long, lazy lie-in before popping the radio on just as I hopped into the shower.

    • 2.3(toward beginning of period)

      early in the morning por la mañana temprano
      • early in the afternoon/evening por la tarde/noche temprano
      • early in the week/year a principios de semana/año
      • early one Tuesday evening un martes a primeras horas de la noche
      • early (on) in her career al principio de su carrera
      • earlier that night antes / más temprano esa misma noche
      • book early haga su reserva cuanto antes

    • 2.4(long ago)

      it was known as early as 200 BC ya se sabía en el año 200 A. C.

  • 3

    as early as possible lo más pronto posible
    • we can't come earlier than Friday no podemos venir antes del viernes
    • when is the earliest you can start? ¿cuál es la primera fecha en la que podría empezar?