Traducción de early retirement en español:

early retirement

jubilación anticipada, n.


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    jubilación anticipada femenino
    • Why should the rest of us pay for public employees to take early retirement and guaranteed pensions funded partly by public money.
    • Shortly afterwards a more senior executive also used the merger as an excuse to force early retirement upon the manager.
    • Reality is that, through financial necessity, early retirement is not an option.
    • The meeting is intended to explore the practicalities and planning of early retirement.
    • After Sarah's health worsened she decided to take early retirement.
    • I never take out loans as I have taken early retirement and never intend working again.
    • The majority of this de-layering was achieved through early retirement or voluntary redundancies.
    • Hundt also demanded a higher deduction for pensioners who take early retirement.
    • He had now embarked on a career which was to be his profession until he took early retirement in recent times.
    • Sadly, for many of these people, early retirement is little more than a pipe dream.
    • There has been a wave of early retirement among older teachers over the past five to seven years.
    • After he took early retirement, Leroy looked into financial advising as a new career.
    • Conditions are so bad that many GPs are considering early retirement or trying to find alternative employment.
    • Becoming a father later in life has meant that early retirement is not an option financially.
    • Layoffs and early retirement have forced many workers to start their own businesses.
    • Sue was later joined by colleagues for a party to toast her early retirement after more than 21 years in the rail industry.
    • The previous government curbed opposition to job losses by using early retirement.
    • Some of those who did not want to move were given the expensive option of early retirement.
    • People are living longer, and flexible pension arrangements mean that early retirement is more often a possibility.
    • By 1945 Princeton gave him early retirement in his own best interests.