Translation of earn in Spanish:


ganar, v.

Pronunciation /ərn/ /əːn/

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transitive verb

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      (money/wages) ganar
      you earn very good money working on an oil rig se gana mucho dinero trabajando en una plataforma petrolífera
      • earning capacity / power potencial de ingresos
      • He earns his living as a British Telecom engineer.
      • It is not only how he gets his pleasure but also how he earns his living.
      • She earns her living solely from painting, and her work hangs in important private and corporate collections in Trinidad and Jamaica.
      • At present he earns his living by repairing photocopy and fax machines.
      • For that service he earns a match fee of 20 and travelling expenses of 26 pence per mile.
      • ‘It is the farmer who earns his living from the land and as such it should be recognised as a tradeable asset,’ insisted Mr Alderman.
      • Anyone who earns money or receives income should pay taxes and the truth is, every one does pay taxes.
      • As a teenager, Monet's talent had declared itself well enough for him to be earning pocket money through selling caricatures.
      • Consider a mother and daughter family unit where the poor elderly mother is bedridden and her daughter earns a gross salary of $5,000 a month but must leave home to work every day.
      • Like many a teenager, he became closeted in his bedroom, spending hours on his computer as he earned some money designing websites.
      • This young boy also earns his pocket money having had some training in handling computers, she adds.
      • In an attempt to earn money he set about writing a novel, drawing on the experience of his financial disaster.
      • Fundamentally we have to earn the money to pay for services.
      • It is claimed funeral workers are being forced to work long hours of overtime to earn a decent wage.
      • The professional dog walker is giving a service and has the right to earn a living.
      • Since then, how the Kents earn their money has been less clear, but it involves extensive world travel.
      • Billy now earns well in excess of £35,000 and it is increasing steadily.
      • In real terms, low-income workers earn on average $120 less than they did in 1984, he claims.
      • I am a 52-year-old employee earning an annual salary of €60,000.
      • Growing vegetables and raising livestock, the family earns about 8,000 yuan a year.

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      (interest) dar
      (interest) devengar formal
      • The fund earns capital gains and losses from shares and not fixed interest.
      • It is a performance bond deposit that earns interest because it is usually held in the form of short-term Treasury bills.
      • Instead of having a current account that earns no interest, and a mortgage account on which you pay interest, the First Active Current Account Mortgage combines the two.
      • The deposit earns interest and is generally refundable once you establish a satisfactory credit history.
      • The money market earns higher interest rates than their savings bank and credit union accounts.
      • This example does not take account of the interest earned by the deposit itself, which will also be liable to tax.
      • An advantage to choosing this account would be that he would know his money would not earn any interest in any month he were to make a withdrawal.
      • However, it is also true that the cash can be put on deposit to earn interest in the meantime.
      • Will their payments into the scheme be treated as nothing more than an ordinary deposit account earning minimal interest?
      • In the worst case scenario, tax is owed on the funds going into the account and also on the interest earned by the account.
      • This account did not attract interest, so the client monies did not earn interest while they remained in it.
      • The accounts would be managed by non-government fund managers and deposits would earn interest.
      • Any income earned by the fund, in terms of dividends, interest or rental income, is exempt from income tax.
      • The money in your account earns some interest each year.
      • We aim to raise £20,000 this year and start giving grants from the interest the money earns next year.
      • If customers pay their credit card accounts by the due date, they are probably using funds already on deposit earning no interest.
      • The capital you invest that earns $25 psf is more productive, obviously, than that yielding $12 psf.
      • After that, the policy should be earning dividends high enough to cover the annual premium.
      • However, is all of the money being squirreled away earning as much interest as it could be?
      • Anytime you can take resources that are earning less money and apply them to higher return projects, that's a good thing.

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    (respect/gratitude) ganarse
    you've earned a rest te has ganado un descanso
    • his conduct has earned him the disapproval of his colleagues su conducta le ha valido / con su conducta se ha ganado la desaprobación de sus colegas
    • he earned a degree in mechanical engineering se licenció en ingeniería mecánica
    • He deservedly earned the tremendous esteem and the great regard of all with whom he came in contact with.
    • This is the biggest break to come along for The Hooks so far in their career, but they fully deserved and earned it.
    • Well done John and congratulations and best wishes to all who so deservedly earned their award.
    • Not until years later would he earn the respect his achievements merited.
    • We feel we will stutter and stumble and earn the deserved scorn of our listeners.
    • Let's just say they all earned some recognition for a job they struggled to achieve, but finished in some style.
    • Has he really earned the right to lecture any country on responsible behaviour?
    • He earned another merit badge and turned it in to the chairman through his father.
    • A prince earns esteem by undertaking great enterprises.
    • Younger generations of Royals will need to earn our continuing respect and affection.
    • The charity gains financially, the company earns kudos, and the benevolent consumer gets to feel good about his or her contribution.
    • Thus people in positions of privilege or power must earn our trust, show they deserve it.
    • I think she should stop counting her chickens before they hatch and stop using a name she by no means has earned.
    • The relatively small contingent deservedly earned a reputation for " punching well above their weight".
    • By the 1880s Irish workers had earned their reputation as a volatile and militant element within the labor force.
    • She also earned a bachelor's degree in English and a master's degree in industrial relations.
    • Employees have justifiably earned a reputation for the contribution they make to the companies which employ them.
    • The number of women earning doctorates in engineering and science has risen significantly since 1966.
    • From the ditch this running back/special teams kick return man earned his nickname.
    • He earned his doctorate magna cum laude with a dissertation on the politics of Hindu Revivalism.

intransitive verb

mainly British
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    ganar dinero