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Pronunciación /ˈərnər/ /ˈəːnə/

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    salary earner asalariado
    • a wage earner on less than $10,000 un trabajador que gana menos de $10.000
    • there's only one (wage) earner in the family en la familia hay solo una persona que trabaja
    • This Government controls the amount of money that middle-income earners in New Zealand will get in their pockets.
    • Listed in Forbes as one of the top five money earners in his profession, Nobu is on first-name terms with many of Hollywood's élite.
    • It is taking money away from the earners and putting it through the Government coffers.
    • They needed to be married in order to survive, what with the man being the money earner, and the means for their survival.
    • He once even dreamed of being a poet, thinker, or a scientist but now it seems that he is just a money earner.
    • If you're the principal money earner in a young family, then your premature demise would leave a large hole in your family's finances.
    • Greig provided arguably the best point of the day on why the Bill assisting low-income earners was discriminatory.
    • Labor wouldn't want to block a tax measure that assists low-income earners, either.
    • She insisted that thousands of high earners were being allowed to pay little or no contributions to the State due to generous schemes.
    • He said the government felt this would discourage many low-income earners.
    • Figures from the Revenue Commissioners show a number of high earners are also paying only minimal tax bills.
    • In the next years, Ravi continued as the principal earner but Reema, running a boutique, began contributing an increasing share.
    • As a matter of fact, I'm sure that in less time than a socialist system would take, that same earner could save up enough to go to a real doctor and be treated.
    • It's far worse; they're simply tacky rip-off merchants with a beady eye for the good earner.
    • The opposition and charities have called on the Government to ensure that no minimum earner will have to pay tax next year.
    • So Labour should be prepared to reduce income tax levels to encourage all taxpayers to aspire to become high-income earners.
    • A marginal rate of 50 per cent will therefore be the most that high income earners will pay.
    • The benefits of these tax cuts are hard to see, most went to large corporations and to higher income earners.
    • However, the Department of Finance stressed they only related to those income earners actually paying tax.
    • New research from Incomes Data Services shows that the top 5 percent of male earners saw their incomes rise more than the average.
  • 2Britanico coloquial

    (source of income)
    you could be onto a nice little earner there con eso te podrías sacar un buen dinerito coloquial
    • those shirts turned out to be a wonderful earner hicimos el agosto con esas camisas
    • Tourism, a major foreign currency earner, has plummeted by 40 percent.
    • This silly hodgepodge of a movie was made by Universal as a follow-up to The Black Cat, because the previous film was their top earner that year.
    • The department horticulture research officer said the area had the potential to become a major income earner.
    • Abba (Hebrew word for Father) was the biggest foreign currency earner in Sweden during 1980.
    • The seizures have disrupted the production of maize, Zimbabwe's staple food, and tobacco, the biggest foreign currency earner.
    • For Indonesia in general, and Bali in particular, tourism has become a major foreign exchange earner and economic backbone.
    • Wine was viewed by some republics as a potential earner of hard currency, by others as useful barter.
    • Among plantations in India, tea is a major foreign exchange earner.
    • The mining industry, Zambia's major foreign exchange earner has been hit by the shortage of diesel.
    • Whether it deserves to be one of the biggest box office money earners of all time is open to debate.
    • The gameplay only generates revenue for the electrical companies used to recharge the phones, and is no great money earner for the operator.
    • While refereeing touch games is far from a lucrative money earner, SGT Vernon gets immense satisfaction from being out in the middle.
    • Another factor is that alternative comics have rarely been big money earners.
    • At $375 million, ticket sales are the third-biggest money earner after TV rights and sponsorship.
    • It is a dairy farm but I believe it's main money earner is Apples.
    • The main money earner of the night was a charity auction which had people bidding away to their hearts content.
    • We have long suspected that their best money earner is parking but this week they went a step further.
    • Although forestry is New Zealand's third biggest export earner, the Government appears to be doing little to avert a crisis.
    • Belly cargo transport is a huge earner for airlines particularly those using Jumbo and Boeing 777 aircraft such as British Airways.
    • The fact is that electricity and water have both been very good earners for governments.