Translation of earth mother in Spanish:

earth mother

la madre naturaleza, n.


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    la madre naturaleza
    la pachamama Andes
    • The mother and child is also a symbol of the procreative, regenerative power of the Goddess, the earth mother, the fecundity of primal matter and again darkness.
    • Well your own thoughts seem to have changed, despite this wonderful image that you've just drawn for us of connecting to the earth mother.
    • From the Greeks we inherit the concept of Gaea, or Gaia, the earth mother that gives rise to life in all its complexities.
    • She longs for the spiritual power of ancient cultures, with their rituals of blood sacrifice, mortification of the body, and celebration of the earth mother.
    • Yes, when she discovers him he is surrounded by a mass of crystals and singing loopy New Age folk music, proclaiming the need to praise ‘the earth mother, father sun, and sister moon.’
    • Polynesian beliefs refer to this time as Po, night, when the earth mother and sky father were joined, before their children separated them and the world was flooded by light.
    • Once they leave Bolivia, some Bolivian Americans fail to adhere to indigenous rituals and beliefs, such as a belief in Pachamama, the Incan earth mother, and Ekeko, an ancient god.
    • The prevailing religious practices center around the Cult of the Virgin Mary and devotion to the Pachamama, the earth mother.
    • I ask all blessings, I ask them with reverence, of my earth mother, of the sky, moon and my sun father - the essence of life.
    • In this shift, the living nurturing relationship of man with nature as earth mother was replaced by the idea of man as dominating over nature.
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    she's a real earth mother es la típica madraza