Translation of earthen in Spanish:


de tierra, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈərθən/ /ˈəːθ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (floor/embankment) de tierra
    • Without this mass of dams and earthen walls, the area would flood every spring just as Egypt's Nile Valley once did.
    • She rocks rapidly from side to side, head turning and feet drumming upon the earthen floor while she beats a tambourine rattle.
    • How long I sat there, on the earthen floor of the Council Chambers, starring blindly at Kinwell, I can not say.
    • She smiled at them and motioned towards the slumped figure of an old man, sitting on the earthen floor with his back to the wall of the cave.
    • About 300 stone blocks of decorative granite were used in the outer wall surrounding the earthen dome, the central staircase, and the hallway leading into the inner chambers.
    • I was amazed; here was an earthen structure created by the ancient Cahokians that looked like a huge hill covered in bright green grass whose edges were virtually straight.
    • She fell to the hard, earthen floor, tired and weak.
    • It is much more extensive and impressive than any of the other English earthen structures, and indeed than the other early European ones too.
    • Adjusting the variable focus beam of his flashlight revealed countless overlapping footprints on the earthen floor of the tunnel.
    • Village houses sit on the ground and have earthen floors.
    • Rain soon began its signature dance on the wooden shingle roof as she lifted a wooden floor panel, revealing a shallow earthen chamber containing potatoes.
    • ‘Dimitri,’ whispered Bartholomew to the hulking form squatting in the center of the earthen room.
    • Uncommon in the U.S., it can be used in mild climates to create thin earthen walls, but lacks the thermal mass or insulation desirable in other climates.
    • Torches lined the earthen walls every fifteen feet.
    • Water accumulation can cause straw bale walls to mildew and eventually decompose, and earthen walls to deteriorate and collapse.
    • King Makareus' soldiers entered the earthen halls of the pass of Pindae in the crevasse of the great towers of stone.
    • Paragon looked to see a smooth trail that diverted from the ravine, leading into the passive earthen walls.
    • Moussa's own residence in Yaamaa is a modest, earthen, terrace-roofed structure.
    • They dug ponds and built earthen dams called johads to trap monsoon rains.
    • In the hills above the city, the industrial elite of nearby Pittsburgh had built a private resort, including an artificial lake contained by a poorly designed and ill-maintained earthen dam.
  • 2

    (pot/jug) de barro
    • From the humble earthen pot to fancy shapes in clay designed to appeal to the connoisseur… the fair seeks to impress from the word go.
    • I take the earthen pot from the cabinet and fill it with water.
    • Jars of spices lined the shelves, with earthen pots full of flour and sugar.
    • The plants were grown in earthen pots filled with soil supplemented with farmyard manure.
    • An elderly man ran at him with a cry of fury and a large earthen pot raised over his head menacingly.
    • For ceramic work, she uses earthen pots, ashtrays, glass and PVC material.
    • The relatively longer longevity of Asians who traditionally used earthen pots as cooking vessels is said to have sparked off research into the properties of clay.
    • Some of the plants were in the seedling stage, with their roots encased in soil contained in plastic bags, while the larger plants stood in earthen pots.
    • He is doomed to remain poor despite being the world's best if he ‘specializes’ in making earthen pots.
    • In Tamil Nadu, it's important to cook Pongal in a newly bought earthen pot.
    • The couple have to collect the herbs themselves and brew the concoctions in earthen pots on low flame.
    • Even for those who do not have a wide compound around their house, plants can be grown in earthen pots.
    • Chutties or earthen pots are still used adding that special flavour to the curries.
    • The next step in the procedure is to top up an earthen pot with water, preferably from a well.
    • In each room were a stone altar and earthen pots and bowls, and other things needed for the spells.
    • Small earthen pots meant for puja were kept at the adjacent hall.
    • Fredrico smiled and drank the red wine from the earthen jug.
    • Another option is an earthen chiminea, which is great for small outdoor fires.
    • I went indoors and filled a bowl of water from the earthen pitcher.
    • Take an earthen pitcher or any suitable container which should be clean and washed properly.