Translation of earthenware in Spanish:


barro (cocido), n.

Pronunciation /ˈərθənˌwɛr/ /ˈəːθ(ə)nwɛː/


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    barro (cocido) masculine
    • Locally made earthenware is decorated much as it was before the Spanish conquest.
    • In order for the clay to be transformed from a soft, malleable state into hard earthenware pottery, the water molecules need to be driven off.
    • The Japanese use the word yaki for porcelain, pottery and earthenware alike.
    • The cavernous space pays homage to Moorish decor with its elaborately motifed terracotta plasterwork, ceramic tiling and large earthenware pots.
    • The rich clay soil provides an ideal medium for the red terracotta earthenware pots and water containers that were the mainstay of this economy.
    • Antique cups of pottery and earthenware are also occasionally found.
    • Those with relatives in Guangzhou will enjoy home cooking, especially the soup done slowly in earthenware pots over gas fires, and will rest in the space of their own bedrooms.
    • Bell experimented successfully with a number of glazes and created a wide variety of forms in earthenware and stoneware.
    • The technique of making majolica begins with firing a piece of earthenware.
    • It shows men drinking from porcelain cups without handles, and coffee being served from a metal or earthenware jug.
    • I put the cereal in the middle and poured the milk into the large earthenware jug.
    • When we were nearly done planting, Michael went down to the root cellar and brought back a bucket and two earthenware crocks.
    • It had been decanted into two hand-made earthenware pitchers.
    • The glazed earthenware floor tiles are an unusual brushed turquoise colour and the bathroom suite is white.
    • For thousands of years the pickled cabbages - a side dish eaten with most Korean meals - have been fermented in earthenware jars.
    • A village that has long made earthenware pots now sells them for pennies to tourists.
    • The waiter laid out lovely, Japanese earthenware bowls, then brought our dishes and the rice in separate bowls.
    • Curd is boiled, cooled and whisked buffalo milk poured into earthenware pots and left to set.
    • Rice, that staple of Thai living, was served from large earthenware pots and we began.
    • Tin-glazed earthenware was first manufactured in Delft, Holland, in the early seventeenth century.
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    vajilla de barro (cocido) feminine