Traducción de earthworm en español:


lombriz (de tierra), n.

Pronunciación /ˈərθˌwərm/ /ˈəːθwəːm/


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    lombriz (de tierra) femenino
    • Centipedes are predatory, feeding on soil invertebrates such as earthworms and terrestrial insects.
    • Soils may harbor 50 to 500 earthworms per square meter; they keep soils aerated, and their castings fertilize the soil.
    • The burrowing activities of earthworms increase the soil horizons most conducive to worm health and growth rate.
    • He doesn't plow when the soil is wet and, by not using chemicals, doesn't kill beneficial organisms such as earthworms and bacteria, which aerate the soil.
    • Most nematodes, also called roundworms, are small, simple worms lacking the segmentation of the more familiar earthworms.