Translation of earwig in Spanish:


tijereta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɪrˌwɪɡ/ /ˈɪəwɪɡ/

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    tijereta feminine
    cortapicos masculine
    • He published papers illustrating discontinuous variation in floral symmetry and in terminal forceps of earwigs and the hornlike processes seen in certain male beetles.
    • Even earwigs can be useful because they eat aphids, codling moth eggs and the red spider mite.
    • These stories have little basis in fact, although earwigs have been known to cause a mildly painful bite when sat upon or handled.
    • The earwigs will hide in these and every morning if you tip out the contents you'll get not alone the hay filling but quite a number of insects as well.
    • Rising late in the morning to tents mysteriously full of earwigs we set off for a look.