Translation of easily in Spanish:


fácilmente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈiz(ə)li/ /ˈiːzɪli/

See Spanish definition of perfectamente


  • 1

    • 1.1(without difficulty)

      con facilidad
      they won easily ganaron fácilmente
      • it's easily done es fácil que suceda eso
      • the campsite is easily accessible el camping es de fácil acceso
      • he's easily persuaded/fooled es fácil de convencer/engañar
      • it's easily obtainable se consigue sin problemas
      • This keeps this information together and easily accessible with minimal effort and time.
      • She said these areas if developed and easily accessible would surpass in its attraction any known tourist spot in the state.
      • The disused railway line makes the bog and surrounding areas easily accessible from both ends.
      • Chengannur is the major nearby town, which is easily accessible by road or rail.
      • David Nestor had a goal chance in the 55th minute, but his tame effort was easily dealt with by the Derry keeper.
      • In this way an amount of roughly two thousand five hundred rupees every month can be easily collected with little effort.
      • Technology enables us to do jobs more easily, with less effort and less cost.
      • Holdsworth gets Wanderers first shot on target - a tame effort that Sullivan covers easily.
      • I only managed to win the league once with Celtic but it was an almighty effort and nothing came easily.
      • In short, enemy recruitment is easily outpacing our efforts to reduce his numbers.
      • The report states that this area could easily become cleaner with a little more effort.
      • He can ace all his courses easily and without much effort.
      • Looking back to earlier stages of my own academic career, I can easily recall difficulties of this kind in doing my own research.
      • Trust can be broken easily and takes enormous effort to rebuild.
      • How could this be when, as Ritter says, such efforts would be easily detectable by modern technology?
      • You have a strong and magnetic personality that easily faces and handles difficulties.
      • They want the issues handled fairly, speedily, transparently, and in a manner that is easily understood.
      • The irrigation pump could easily be hooked up in the same manner as a ice maker to the water system.
      • New York's transport system is geared up to get masses of people round the city quickly, cheaply and easily.
      • It is easily absorbed by the body and vital in the formation of red blood cells

    • 1.2(readily)

      (break/stain/cry) con facilidad
      you gave up much too easily te diste por vencido demasiado pronto
      • I'm just one of that new brand of consumer - the one with a very short attention span, who bores quickly and easily.
      • Fibreglass was commonly used in public sculptures some years ago but it was found to break easily and colours faded quickly on it.
      • I blush very, very, very easily, frequently for literally no reason.
      • Figs are fairly delicate - they bruise easily and deteriorate quickly, so it's best to store them in the fridge.
      • It is also true that some children are supersensitive, easily offended, and quickly angered.
      • She was not very happy with her job - Luni got bored far too quickly and easily.
      • She probably perspires easily, especially on her head while she is sleeping.
      • This dog will scare easily and will most probably beat you to the hiding place if an intruder bursts into your home!
      • Though he enjoyed the rush of combating the enemy, his body tired of it easily.
      • Tough and righteous babe like that doesn't get hurt easily, and I obviously did hurt her.

    • 1.3

      (move/speak) con soltura

  • 2

    • 2.1(by far)

      con mucho
      fácil informal
      (de) lejos Latin America informal
      he's easily the best es fácil / con mucho el mejor
      • there's easily enough for everybody hay de sobra para todos
      • easily our worst year since 1976 con mucho nuestro peor año desde 1976
      • The number of busts for hard drugs within the British army has doubled in two years and now easily exceeds positive tests for cannabis.
      • In modern politics style is substance, manner is meaning, and a look is easily worth a thousand words.
      • What happened there last week was easily the gravest event since the group's attack in New York.
      • These were several sentences providing significant insight into future events that could easily have been missed.
      • Events could easily overtake the proposed policies displayed in its pages.
      • Apparently, signals can easily crisscross and become confused.
      • In terms of sheer physical difficulty, this could easily rank #1 on the list.
      • But that margin could easily have been a lot more such was the manner in which he came home after the last.
      • And no doubt Intel could easily afford to waive royalties altogether with all its customers.
      • Action which did not take such doubts seriously could easily exacerbate the problems of an already volatile region.
      • With a bit more determination and commitment from certain players they could easily have won the match.
      • Such wide subjective definitions can and do easily become charters of abuse.
      • Such absolute power can easily corrupt, and it is no wonder that the feudal system in Pakistan is humanly degrading.

    • 2.2(at least)

      por lo menos
      fácil informal
      tranquilo Mexico informal
      it must have cost easily $100 debe de haber costado por lo menos $100

  • 3

    (very conceivably)
    it could easily have been me podría haber sido yo perfectamente / fácilmente