Traducción de Easter Bunny en español:

Easter Bunny

conejito de Pascua, n.


(Easter Rabbit)
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    conejito de Pascua masculino
    conejo de Pascua masculino
    • I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate!
    • When I was a lad, the Easter bunny would bring a solitary, basic chocolate egg.
    • In the past, I've been the Easter bunny, putting a solid chocolate rabbit in Jodi's room every year.
    • My son's expecting a letter from the Easter bunny.
    • We have dispensed with the idea of the Easter bunny and the kids get baskets filled with things like baseball cards and colored, sparkly lip gloss.
    • She attracted shoppers to the event dressed as the Easter bunny.
    • With the Easter bunny lurking on the horizon, children's mouths are watering at the prospect of the arrival of a mountain of chocolate.
    • Joe's hat was handmade and he was pleased to meet the Easter bunny.
    • ‘If I believe that, I'd have to believe in the Easter bunny,’ he said.
    • I was always the type of kid who never believed in Santa or the Easter bunny and even took joy in catching my parents laying out gifts.
    • Sure, it was possible; but it was also possible that the Easter bunny really did exist!
    • He looked like a little kid after someone told him that Santa and the Easter bunny weren't real.