Translation of eastward in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈis(t)wərd/ /ˈiːstwəd/


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    in an eastward direction en dirección este
    • Thus Hellenism in its eastward course and Buddhisn in its westward march came in direct contact in Gandhara art and worked out artistic sculptures and other art forms.
    • The last four hours of paddling we held an eastward course from Orcas to the mainland.
    • On the other side, in East Africa, the eastward pressure of the Mid-Atlantic ridge, combined with the opposite forces generated by the impact of India, created enormous stresses.
    • The sand forming these two shoals would ordinarily have been deposited on the East Beach during its eastward drift.
    • Voters in Hungary have agreed to be part of the historic eastward expansion of the European Union, strongly endorsing economic unification with their more developed neighbours to the west.
    • Leaders of the former communist countries awaiting EU membership cheered Ireland's decision to endorse the EU's eastward expansion.
    • The stench drifts whenever a strong eastward wind is blowing.
    • Along the storms' eastward track, avalanches killed two people on Saturday in Utah, authorities said.
    • Over that time frame, the European Union's eastward expansion will place Berlin at the heart of the continent.
    • By cutting patches in the path of the beetles' eastward spread, loggers hope to stall their expansion.
    • Crews worked on a firebreak in a nearby canyon to try to cut off an eastward route for the fire.
    • The winds associated with this broader wake spawn a narrow eastward countercurrent that draws warm water from west to east.
    • This eastward road ends at a small peaceful bay, but from this village the road turns south across the Northern Mountain Range through a rainforest.
    • The eastward side of the hurricane is causing significant flooding today across a big swathe of Georgia.
    • The developing El Nino continues its eastward trek in the Pacific Ocean.
    • Ten minutes climbing connects you with our outward and eastward route on what a local thought was Roman road.
    • Distance impinged on it from the river, whose waters flowed from the eastward mountains ultimately, as the town always was more or less aware, to the sea, to the world.
    • Most structures can be explained by eastward retreat of the Pacific and Philippine slabs and southward retreat of the Sunda slab.
    • The Great Plains, occupied by the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, are cut through by the eastward flows and have become a great prairie supporting cattle ranching and wheat cultivation.
    • For a few months each year the winds blow easterly, and in those months the ancient Polynesians made eastward voyages of exploration.


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    (travel/turn) hacia el este
    eastward of sth al este de algo
    • It was 4am when we pulled out of the harbour and headed eastwards towards our first dive site.
    • Overtaken by events, he began pressing for guarantees that NATO would not absorb East Germany or expand eastwards.
    • I think at this point she turned around and headed eastwards, towards home, towards safety.
    • Another would extend eastwards through Afghanistan and Pakistan and terminate near the Indian border.
    • Geometry dominates, for the axial symmetry of the Barry building is extended eastwards.
    • This compositional change is associated with the incision of the rivers that flowed eastwards from the West Midlands.
    • The hospital was endowed with meadow-land stretching eastwards to the river.
    • A web of rivers flowed eastwards from the Drakensberg mountains to the sea.
    • I have the misfortune of catching a number 21 service heading eastwards at least four times a month, at the exact time when all the schools are emptying.
    • Walking eastwards will take you back to the pier.