Translation of easy in Spanish:


fácil, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈizi/ /ˈiːzi/

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adjective easier, easiest

  • 1

    • 1.1(not difficult)

      (task/victory) fácil
      it's an easy problem to solve es un problema fácil de resolver
      • you aren't making this very easy for me no me lo estás poniendo muy fácil
      • that's easy for you to say se dice muy fácil
      • I'm easy to please soy fácil de contentar
      • she's easy to get along with es de trato fácil
      • Spanish made easy Español sin esfuerzo
      • It will not be easy for Lin to achieve his aim, but setbacks just seem to spur him on.
      • Reivin was dodging using very little effort, as if this was all far too easy for him.
      • He said it was easy for politicians to make spending promises but more difficult to find the money.
      • The real difficulty is that it's very easy for someone to mess up these predictions.
      • We found this unit relatively easy to use.
      • Usually, I find it fairly easy to find a representative sample of a photographer's work.
      • We hear a lot about how it has become too easy to get into university these days.
      • I encountered no glitches in my testing, and found it fairly easy to use.
      • The recovery environment will boot and present a menu system that is fairly easy to navigate.
      • But it is surprisingly easy to forget what you spend in a day.
      • It is easy to tell who is really serious about the profession.
      • Butterflies are attracted to brightly colored, sweet-smelling flowers that allow them easy access.
      • The pages will be ordered by category to allow easy access by the user.
      • However, working in the film industry is no easy task, confesses Rocky.
      • The upper half of the deck is placed within easy reach of all players.
      • While finding a partner or date is hard, maintaining the relationship should be easy.
      • With so many people to choose from, booking several dates in a short amount of time is easy.
      • That seems to be the easy way out - and just what many of the far right would like to see happen.
      • It's easy to see why the candidates are so eager talk about anything other than marriage.
      • Capturing and holding the attention of a classroom for an entire lecture period is no easy task.

    • 1.2

      (target/victim) fácil
      he was easy game for a woman like her era fácil presa para una mujer como ella
      • he was easy meat for a woman like her era fácil presa para una mujer como ella
      • So often the local authorities are an easy target for criticism, sometimes unfair and unjustified.
      • They concluded that the generators would be an easy target for a terrorist attack of enormous consequence.
      • Being slow does make them easy targets and one RAAF aircraft has come under attack in Baghdad.
      • He's an easy target and they all laid into him with predictable criticism for being out of touch and old fashioned.
      • It is an easy point of criticism Larry, but the problem with family violence is the hidden nature of it.
      • It is thought that the attacker preyed on him because he thought he was an easy target.
      • It is this false sense of security that makes them such easy targets.
      • During WWII, neon was ordered off, for fear it would make easy bombing targets.
      • Police had also warned candidates not to extend election meetings late into the night as it would make them easy targets for assassins.
      • I know as I've done it in other big games on the world stage, but referees always have been, and always will be, easy targets.
      • Part of the reason is that the lunch programs are an easy target for political special interests.
      • You searched for premises which were comparatively easy targets.
      • Orkney has become a possible easy target for smugglers because of the lack of permanent Customs cover in the islands
      • Thanks to harassed arts writers looking for easy targets, mime traditionally gets a bit of a kicking at the festival.
      • The stretch of 62 kilometers of the outer ring road has been a haunt for criminals who find easy targets.
      • Everyone who has played them has regarded them as an easy target.
      • His step mum believes his condition could make him an easy target.
      • Pedigree dogs worth hundreds of pounds are being seen as an easy target by criminals who sell them on at bargain prices to new owners.
      • I look like easy pickings for the local bullies, but I'm not.
      • Mr Weston, a lifelong biker, said: " Bikers are easy pickings.

    • 1.3(by a large margin)

      she was an easy winner ganó sin problemas

  • 2

    • 2.1(undemanding)

      (life) fácil
      (life) desahogado
      at an easy pace sin prisas / con tranquilidad
      • easy terms facilidades de pago
      • our prices are easy on your pocket nuestros precios le van bien a su bolsillo
      • Bristol is an easy weekend trip from Scotland, and city-centre hotels at the right price do not come much better than this one.
      • It won't be an easy summer for Ridsdale, but unlike the next manager, he can be sure he'll be there this time next year.
      • Now that competition has been introduced into the tertiary system, the easy days are over.
      • Mr Heavens said it had not been an easy year from that point of view.
      • It has not been an easy year and can only be described as a ‘roller coaster’ of emotion.
      • Law is not expecting an easy season, though, despite Lancashire's drop in status.
      • The second day we had an easy day to let us get accustomed to the eight hour time difference.
      • We found ourselves standing on a threshold one easy summer evening, looking at the stars.
      • It hasn't been an easy day for the governors, so great to see you here.
      • These are not easy days, for sitting shiva is emotionally and physically draining.
      • Monaco is a special race on the Formula One calendar and Schumacher does not expect an easy weekend ahead.
      • The rally was a new event for everyone and it's not been an easy weekend.
      • Fourteen is not an easy age and getting your children into the right frame of mind for these tests can be difficult.
      • He looked set for an easy season after early domination, but a slump in his form mid-season made a race of it.
      • Those first few years weren't easy, but I kept the club up in difficult circumstances.
      • The house in the suburbs, the sense of life being easy and calm, it was a little dull but fulfilling.
      • He swears life was easy until he headed out into the world to make it by just being himself.
      • In many ways, life is too easy for those American developers.
      • And things aren't always easy for famous people like my dad.
      • Life has not always been easy for the 41-year-old, who was born in Bolton but grew up in Edinburgh.

    • 2.2(not painful)

      my throat feels much easier now me duele mucho menos la garganta ahora
      • my conscience is easy tengo la conciencia tranquila

    • 2.3(unconstrained)

      (movement/manners) natural
      (movement/manners) no forzado
      they chatted with easy familiarity charlaron con espontaneidad
      • we were on easy terms with them estábamos en confianza con ellos
      • He is so easy with it that like a general who has always won battles, he has won loud applause from the audience after each show.
      • There are kids riding horses and dogs chasing sticks yet we're all easy like Sunday morning.
      • I'm easy, either way, just so long as we don't have to go back and live in Wales again.

  • 3

    • 3.1(lenient)

      (boss/marker) poco exigente
      (boss/marker) poco severo
      (boss/marker) indulgente
      (boss/marker) barco Mexico informal
      to be easy on sb ser poco exigente / severo con algn
      ser indulgente con algn

    • 3.2 derogatory (sexually available)

      she's easy es una chica fácil
      • They thought she was easy, that they could buy her a drink and then get into her pants at the end of the night.
      • Yet she wasn't easy like some of the girls hanging out around Soho at that time.
      • Nobody is going to think you're easy, in fact they will probably think you are sensible and cautious.
      • Just ‘cause I'm pregnant doesn't mean I'm easy!’
      • I can't believe how harsh some people are about me trying to get it on with Daniel just because I'd had a little too much to drink doesn't mean that I'm easy.
      • I think I'm funny, smart, attractive, vivacious; does that mean guys automatically think I'm easy?
      • He must think I'm such a slut, that I'm easy white trash.

    • 3.3British informal (without strong opinion)

      I'm easy me da igual / lo mismo

  • 4

    copper prices are easier today hoy han cedido ligeramente los precios del cobre


  • 1

    (without difficulty)
    languages come easy to him tiene facilidad para los idiomas
    • such skill doesn't come easy esa habilidad no se adquiere fácilmente
  • 2

    • 2.1(slowly, calmly)

      con calma
      easy now, don't rush it despacito / con calma / tranquilo, no te apresures
      • It was the first time she ever gave me a real compliment, and I was surprised how easy it came to her lips.
      • We were playing basketball just dribbling it easy along the graffiti lot.
      • He found the looking glass easy enough, though why it was intact he couldn't say.

    • 2.2(sparingly)

      go easy on / with the sugar, we don't have much left no te pases con el azúcar, que queda poco informal
      • go easy on the eye shadow que no se te vaya la mano con la sombra de ojos

  • 3British

    stand easy! ¡descansen!