Translation of ebullient in Spanish:


vivaz, adj.

Pronunciation /ɪˈbʊljənt/ /ɪˈbəljənt/ /ɪˈbʌljənt/

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    (person) vivaz
    (person) efervescente
    (person) lleno de vida
    he was in an ebullient mood estaba efervescente
    • His mood was ebullient, and he had every reason to be satisfied.
    • Technically, the economy was in recovery after 1975, but the mood was anything but ebullient.
    • Christina was in quite an ebullient mood during our session today.
    • The ebullient mood of those works has been recaptured here, with a surprising overlay of Americana.
    • The mood is still ebullient when Gilman takes the stage the next morning.
    • Getting off the ship on to a fast boat and later on to the jetty at the Coast Guard headquarters in Fort Kochi, the three fishermen looked ebullient and happy.
    • He was the source of many jokes for being overly happy and ebullient.
    • Anyway, she was a vivacious, ebullient sort of girl, and I took an immediate liking to her.
    • He's funny, he's ebullient, he has endless energy, and when he gets going on a tirade, he has the rhythmic passion of generations of Irish-Catholic priests!
    • While her career's still at full tilt, she's typically ebullient when asked what she might do if she ever decided to leave the spotlight for a while.
    • The Clarinet Sonata is a delightfully ebullient, bouncy score.
    • On the surface, the music is brash, ebullient, jaunty, but also technically well crafted and even refined.
    • The Olympic track cycling programme is over and the mood in the British camp, quite rightly, is ebullient.
    • The G major quartet is a bubbly and infectious work throughout containing much music that is ebullient and tuneful.
    • But he still hadn't lost his ebullient, blaring voice or that sparkle in his blue eyes.
    • It can now be revealed that the ebullient cockney was very worried about his protégé, the man he has called the best fighter he was ever worked with.
    • Overall, the effect of the three series is ebullient, unfolding and generous.
    • Either way, it has left Downes in ebullient mood and ready to come out fighting.
    • And he was deeply saddened that such an ebullient personality was nearing an end.