Translation of eco-tax in Spanish:


impuesto ecológico, n.

Pronunciation /ˈikoʊˌtæks/


  • 1

    impuesto ecológico masculine
    • Hardly any area of family life would be exempt from the new eco-taxes that he wants introduced in an attempt to force people to change their behaviour to reduce their use of energy.
    • Truckers and farmers are calling for a reduction in tax on oil prices and cuts in the "eco-tax" on fuel.
    • She notes that the ecotourism industry in the Balearic Islands fought bitterly against a government proposed tourist eco-tax of less than $1 a day to help offset environmental damage caused by tourist development.
    • The country's leading electrical goods makers have warned they could cease production in the UK if the Government refuses to impose an eco-tax on consumers to cover the cost of meeting new recycling laws.
    • In order to achieve this target, the Social Democratic Party-Green Party coalition government introduced an "eco-tax" as well as fundamental pensions and health reforms.
    • The response was an eco-tax levied against tourists on the basis of nights spent in hotels.
    • We have no plans to introduce the eco-tax that the member's party is advocating but we are prepared to continue assisting regional councils to manage contaminated land within their regions to provide the best possible value to ratepayers.
    • The slight tax reduction in the mid-level income bracket doesn't even compensate for the increase in the "eco-tax" (a surcharge levied mainly on gasoline).
    • He argues that eco-tax can have positive environmental effects but only if it is embedded in a more widespread and comprehensive set of government interventions and regulations.
    • It would also replace VAT with "eco-taxes" designed to modify people's consumption.
    • That income would be tax-free, as part of a package of introducing a suite of eco-taxes.
    • However well meaning eco-taxes are if they are not applied fairly then they will not succeed in their objective of reducing global emissions.
    • Those eco-taxes are not only about collecting revenue but also, of course, about discouraging resource depletion, waste, and pollution.
    • We have made no secret of our support for a carbon tax, a toxics tax, a return to resource rentals in fisheries, levies on waste to landfill, and a range of other eco-taxes.
    • This should include an emphasis on environmentally sustainable measures such as energy efficiency, eco-taxes, waste prevention and recycling, and improved public transport.
    • We will gradually replace the lost income tax through eco-taxes, starting with taxing climate change and carbon monoxide emissions, and ensuring that diesel users pay their fair share for the health costs of their emissions.
    • We would also want to end the exemption from taxation that diesel currently enjoys, to bring it into line with petrol, and we would bring in other eco-taxes on a range of areas such as Crown resource rentals, toxics, and waste.
    • Eco-taxes get mentioned a lot, but these are supposed to discourage unenvironmental behaviour, and thus are aimed at their own diminishment.
    • The German ecotax has led to lower consumption of gasoline since it was introduced a few years ago.
    • The tax would be appended to hotel bills, adding £5.50 to the cost of two nights' accommodation for a family of four, but comparisons are already being made with the infamous Balearic ecotax.