Translation of ecologically in Spanish:


ecológicamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌɛkəˈlɑdʒəkli/ /ˌikəˈlɑdʒəkli/ /iːkəˈlɒdʒɪkli/


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    ecologically, the new factories will be a disaster desde el punto de vista ecológico, / ecológicamente hablando, las nuevas fábricas serán un desastre
    • The first objective of the book, stated in the first paragraph of the preface, is to help citizens become ecologically literate.
    • The only way we can cope ecologically is to make Australia an environmental leader, not a laggard.
    • I think that the economy in Germany is preventing us from using ecologically sound technology, or in general.
    • The genetic structure of this species is complex, with several recognized "chromosomal forms" that differ ecologically.
    • The structure exclusively uses ecologically sustainable materials.
    • We're going to have to learn to think and live ecologically in that sort of world.
    • The California Current is the best ecologically understood marine region in the world.
    • Stationary fuel-cell power generation remains cost prohibitive to all but the most isolated or ecologically minded.
    • But the most effective and least ecologically damaging method may be the most difficult: pulling the grass out by hand.
    • Plentiful and inexpensive, clay is also one of the most ecologically clean building materials available.