Translation of ecology in Spanish:


ecología, n.

Pronunciation /iˈkɑlədʒi/ /ɪˈkɒlədʒi/ /ɛˈkɒlədʒi/


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    ecología feminine
    • The women's and ecology movements are therefore one.
    • He has long been widely cited by many different branches of the ecology movement.
    • Masters and doctoral programs feature ecosystem ecology courses in restoration.
    • It always interested me why that happened, and why it happened at the same time that the science of ecology was born.
    • The emphasis is on horticultural aspects of reproductive biology and pollination ecology.
    • Then I got a Ph.D. in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Tennessee.
    • We were leaning about ecology in our biology class and this involved a trip to Dublin Zoo.
    • Whale Study Week includes boat trips as well as classes in whale biology and general marine ecology.
    • So instead of a plan based on timber production, it is based on ecology as well.
    • In this paper, recent work on fruit type evolution in angiosperms is reviewed in relation to dispersal agents and habitat ecology.
    • Scientists say they still have a lot to learn about ecology at Mount St. Helens.
    • After a few years of working in the field, I went back to graduate school to study marine ecology.
    • A general goal of avian evolutionary ecology is to understand mechanisms driving patterns of community organization.
    • Behavioral ecology is a naturalistic perspective somewhat similar to sociobiology.
    • After his formal retirement in 1974, Dan made significant contributions to urban wildlife ecology and conservation.
    • Despite the abundance of Impatiens species in China, studies of pollination systems and pollination ecology have not been reported.
    • Therefore, measurements of dive depths and profiles are significant components in many studies of seabird foraging ecology.
    • Effective management for this species is hampered because relatively little is known about nesting ecology.
    • The latter paper complements the majority of those in this volume that focused on stopover ecology in eastern North America.
    • The reductionist approach is thus coupled with the ecology of whole organisms.
    • Outdoor experts will teach ecology and the river environment as it pertains to supporting the carp species.