Translation of economy in Spanish:


economía, n.

Pronunciation /əˈkɑnəmi/ /ɪˈkɒnəmi/

nounplural economies

  • 1

    • 1.1(economic state of country)

      economía feminine
      the economy is picking up la economía se está recuperando
      • the state of the economy la situación económica
      • The slowing global economy has weakened demand for Japan's high-technology exports, causing manufacturers to cut production and workers.
      • The global capitalist economy remains the most important transnational force in the world today.
      • Economically, coffee production came to dominate as Colombian insertion into the world market economy depended on this export commodity.
      • The country's market economy is based largely on agriculture.
      • The integrated oil companies could also benefit as global economies continue to recover.
      • A recent shutdown at US docks nearly dragged the region's economies into recession.
      • As their home countries' economies grow and populations age, these flows are likely to get smaller.
      • On its most reliable measure Japan's stagnant economy grew by a surprising 0.6 % over the same period.
      • Togo's stagnant, underdeveloped economy is largely dependent on agricultural exports.
      • In 2003, the nation's economy expanded 6.9 percent.
      • China's economy slowed more than expected in the second quarter.
      • Even a sluggish economy isn't likely to dampen the outlook for these Internet start-ups.
      • China's economy expanded 9.5 percent in the fourth quarter from the year earlier period.
      • The city's economy is booming, but the divide between the rich and everyone else is widening.
      • He reiterated the nation's economy is rebounding and that the government will continue to support growth.
      • What's more, strong job growth suggests that a region's economy is expanding.
      • The city's economy depends on the flow of trade between the United States and Canada.
      • As the city's economy continues to rapidly expand, the housing market booms.
      • Corporate profitability and the profit share in the economy remain relatively strong.
      • But this would, in all likelihood, push the economy into a recession.

    • 1.2(economic system)

      economía feminine
      a mixed/market economy una economía mixta/de mercado
      • As always, it's a much neater and efficient system than a centralized economy.
      • Overnight, it could become the delivery system of the digital economy.
      • It was an arrangement that covered most people, but with Deng Xiaoping's move to a market economy, the system was doomed.
      • If you take the long view, the commodity economy passes through three stages.
      • Rather, traditional trade unionists from militant areas of the private economy turned out to support a system that suits them.
      • Now that the market economy has become the system of choice for more and more countries, a key political concern must be to locate the faultline.
      • But declarations of support for the capitalist economy and the profit system were not enough.
      • The internet economy will be transformed by this second stage of barrier reduction.
      • The farm economy in valley is dependent on the canal irrigation system which feeds tens of thousands of acres of land across the valley.
      • The government has to start taking advantage of today's capitalist economy.
      • A booming rural economy, they hope, will boost the demand for industrial goods.
      • Deforestation set in motion a series of environmental changes that undermined the subsistence economy of the region.

  • 2

    • 2.1(saving)

      to make economies ahorrar

    • 2.2(thrift)

      economía feminine
      (size) (before noun) familiar
      a model noted for its fuel economy un modelo que (se) destaca por su bajo consumo de gasolina
      • economy of language/effort economía de lenguaje/esfuerzo
      • to fly economy class volar en clase turista
      • we're on an economy drive estamos tratando de ahorrar
      • we're on an economy kick estamos tratando de ahorrar
      • economy pack envase económico / familiar
      • Skill, in any sport, is the ability of the player to execute a technique with economy of effort.
      • Despite his miss, Sheringham was still one of the better players in claret and blue, achieved, as always, with great economy of effort.
      • What marks out Benaud's commentary is not just his absolute economy of words, but his unerring eye for a story.
      • He was known for his economy of words, and for his ability to let the pictures do the work.
      • As well as excellent fuel economy it also allows the company driver to avoid the three per cent benefit in kind diesel surcharge.
      • In the auto-shift mode the system chooses the most logical gear for engine speed and fuel economy at any time.
      • GM estimates that direct injection can improve gas engine fuel economy by 10 percent.
      • Diesel engines also average about 15 percent better fuel economy over gasoline engines.
      • We're trying to achieve higher targets of engine fuel economy, for example.
      • Eaton expects the device to boost fuel economy by letting the engine idle during initial acceleration.
      • After that you change over to synthetic oil for a small gain in power, fuel economy, and engine longevity.
      • So they're refined to drive, exhibit a bit of style and deliver excellent fuel economy.
      • It is super-luxurious, completely comfortable, but for the size of engine the fuel economy is actually quite good.
      • Fuel economy is excellent on a long run, up to 70 mpg, and even in the city you will get upwards of 43 mpg.
      • It is the one way to get fuel economy, emissions and performance improvement in the same package.
      • The extra gears will improve low speed performance and increase fuel economy.
      • It is equipped with particulate filter, and combines low emissions with good economy and excellent performance.
      • The transmission allows automatic scheduling of engine speed and transmission ratio for fuel economy.
      • As well as giving an impressive blend of performance and economy, the new engine is also quiet.
      • Of course, many people are in favour of improving fuel economy, so are these safety concerns well-founded?
      • And as their popularity has grown, overall U.S. fuel economy and gas consumption have gotten worse.
      • Now the technology is there to boost fuel economy without sacrificing size or performance.
      • Selection for economy means that smaller cells must have smaller nuclei.
      • When it is your own home, you can pick the appliances you want and monitor your bills carefully to get good economy from gas and electricity.