Translation of ecosphere in Spanish:


ecoesfera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈikoʊˌsfir/ /ˈɛkoʊˌsfir/ /ˈiːkəʊsfɪə/


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    ecoesfera feminine
    • One key is developing better technology; another is placing proper economic values on the ecosphere and its components.
    • Bioregionalism offers a more useful and sensible axis for political engagement, with one's watershed being the epicenter and the ecosphere being the furthest extension of concern.
    • Nor, of course, can individuals, families, and communities, survive if the order of the natural world or the ecosphere is destroyed, as even the most extreme adept of the cult of selfishness will soon realise.
    • Crucially, the ecosphere provides the ecological goods (eg food, fibre) and services (eg climate control, atmospheric gas balance, soil stabilisation, pollination) that underwrite human survival and wellbeing.
    • There have been two new developments: first a massive mixing of previously separated flora and fauna; and second a rising impact of pollution on the ecosphere.
    • But, when murder is rampant upon the earth, we butcher the ecosphere and, indeed, the cosmos also.
    • That is why the danger to democracy takes primacy over other perils that are in themselves greater, including nuclear war and irreversible damage to the ecosphere through global warming.
    • Many of the radionuclides will persist in the ecosphere for many decades and will cause chronic human exposure through external radiation, inhalation, and ingestion.
    • I have a minor in biology, so I spent some amount of time studying how easy it is to start a process where you release some new strain of bacteria into an ecosphere and how little things add up.
    • Unless we recognize that the ecosphere is our organic whole and that we are a species inextricably linked to it, we are open to the illusion that we are separate, invulnerable and in control.
    • What they don't test for are the problems they haven't thought of, and if those problems emerge in the ecosphere there won't be much point testing for them.
    • These constraints are crucial for climate modelling, in addition to governing the response of the emerging ecosphere to climatic forcing.
    • We remember our dependency in the web of life and our discipleship role in the ecosphere.