Translation of eddy in Spanish:


remolino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛdi/

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nounplural eddies

  • 1

    remolino masculine
    torbellino masculine

intransitive verb eddies, eddying, eddied

  • 1

    (water) formar remolinos
    (smoke/dust) arremolinarse
    • Billowing clouds of steam and smoke drifted and eddied, obscuring then revealing the tormented reddish rock of the opposite wall.
    • He lit the tobacco in the pipe and blew a soft grey circle of smoke, which eddied and floated away on the currents of the wind like a bird taken to flight.
    • Snow fell, one tiny flake in every cubic metre of air, the beck ran clear but a foot or two across, dancing round the boulders, eddying at roots and skidding over smooth slabs of sandstone.
    • The only thing brighter than the sunlight was the dust, which swirled and eddied low around our feet, stirred by the rare breezes.
    • The current eddied and swirled like liquid glass, and occasionally a bit of ice, detached from the shore, would go gliding downstream to be swallowed up in the shadows under the bridge.
    • The fog whirled and eddied around her as she stepped out into the cobblestone street.
    • One of the most observable is at the blades of oars and these swirling jets of water can be easily seen eddying away and conforming to Newton's third law of motion, creating an opposite reaction.
    • I normally avoid any dish with celery in it, but the small, frothing mug of creamy soup was a perfect antidote to the snow eddying outside, a good deal of which had stuck to our hair and coats.
    • It was getting to be hot; small white shapes, clouds, floated in the blue sky, while others eddied down the roads around the ground.
    • Reporters eddied around the margins and complained that there was no coffee.
    • A sickly brown miasma eddied about his feet as he stepped around the bodies.
    • And around her, spreading higher and higher though yet to disperse into the air, strong, eddying winds whirl, becoming one with the oncoming storm.
    • He locates it on the edge of a pool where the river flows into the sea and vice versa in a ceaselessly eddying whirlpool.
    • He gestures to eddying whirlpools and rapids shooting through jagged rocks on both sides of the river, which is so narrow two ships could hardly pass each other.
    • Despite fierce ebb tides causing the river to swirl and eddy they maintained stationary.
    • The air eddies with charcoal smoke and incense.