Translation of edible in Spanish:


comestible, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛdəb(ə)l/ /ˈɛdɪb(ə)l/

Definition of comestible in Spanish


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    (safe to eat)
    • Certainly there is a corollary to this in the world of edible plants, where poisonous plants tend to be bitter, while edible plants and berries tend to be sweet.
    • This applies mostly to the larger edible variety, which are a delicacy for a number of households, both urban and rural.
    • Since he didn't wish to lose time by hunting, he searched for edible roots and berries.
    • Sally told herself and started looking around the areas, hoping to find some wild berries or other edible fruits.
    • Students also find and consume edible plants and build shelters using natural found materials.
    • There are many inedible poisonous mushrooms out there to be mistaken for edible ones.
    • When it comes to edible gifts, the list of things to make is endless.
    • But there are some less well-known edible plants that are also very attractive to look at.
    • If you like edible flowers, try some of the tiny white blossoms sprinkled onto salads.
    • Would-be pickers should be wary of traditional rules for separating edible fungi from poisonous varieties.
    • Nearby were dozens of morel mushrooms: the most prized edible fungus in North America.
    • Since ancient times, locals have planted rape flowers to extract edible oil.
    • I had no idea there were 13 types of edible beans.
    • Many of the edible seaweeds mentioned in the article can be hard to find.
    • The reefs have been picked clean of many of the more popular forms of edible seaweed.
    • The lakes and rivers and coastline provided fish and shellfish, as well as edible algae.
    • Customers can also add greeting card or photo or logo to be laminated on the cakes, as edible part.
    • In fact, the creamy white flesh is barely edible; it's tasteless and slimy.
    • The staff were arrogant, the meal was barely edible.
    • A frog will starve to death in a field of perfectly edible dead bugs.
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