Translation of edict in Spanish:


edicto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈidɪkt/ /ˈiːdɪkt/


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    edicto masculine
    • Another step forward was the progressive declarations of invalidity extended to certain laws, decrees, and edicts issued in Stalin's time.
    • Word of this soon reached the British top brass, who sent down an official edict ordering that the practice cease immediately.
    • Although government clerics often issue edicts against terror, the bulk of the government's effort has been security-related.
    • Sure, my son can ask for a reason after I issue one of my edicts.
    • Each time the religious institution issues custom-made edicts for political purposes, it loses credibility.
    • Issuing edicts founded on the false premise that whatever the bishop declares to be a mortal sin is a mortal sin is not teaching.
    • It is easy to issue laws and edicts, particularly when there is no need to gain the consent of elected or appointed representatives.
    • The word bull is still used in English for a Papal Bull, an edict issued by the Pope.
    • Apart from royal edicts on certain general issues, the king's domains were subject to no law and no administrative practice common to them all without exception.
    • And would the pope issue edicts blaming the United States for bringing the whole tragedy upon itself?
    • However, much more paradoxical edicts were issued under the totalitarian regime.
    • The bureaucracy in Beijing issues edicts on mine safety but does not provide the necessary funds.
    • Clerics issued religious edicts against the British when they invaded Iraq during the First World War.
    • Finally he issued an edict, prohibiting the smoking of tobacco throughout the New Netherlands.
    • An imperial edict against infanticide was issued by Valentinian in 374- making an exception for the very poor.
    • You can issue an edict to cut taxes, which really helps boost your population's happiness.
    • He issued an edict that there will be no flight training at any of the Chicago-owned airports.
    • That apparently was too much for the Taliban government, which then issued its edict.
    • On 12 February 1912 an edict of abdication was issued on behalf of the child Emperor.
    • An edict was issued to this effect and by 1636, France had a navy of nearly 40 ships.
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    mandato masculine
    orden feminine