Translation of editorship in Spanish:


dirección, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛdədərˌʃɪp/ /ˈɛdɪtəʃɪp/

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    dirección feminine
    under his editorship bajo su dirección
    • He lasted only three years in New York, resigning the editorship in 1970 to return to the West Coast.
    • In time, under his editorship, the Irish Times was capable of standing alongside any newspaper in the world.
    • She eventually capitulated to Thayer's insistence that she take on the managing editorship of his magazine.
    • This volume brings together, under Plastow's able editorship, a collection of articles focused on women in African theater.
    • None is surprising, I think, but it seems useful at the outset of my editorship to fill you in.
    • His new duties, amounting to a general editorship of the work, involved a large correspondence with the numerous volunteer helpers.
    • Indeed, what struck her was the untapped potential of the magazine, which is why she accepted the editorship.
    • A quick glance will show that in 1955 he held editorships of four learned journals.
    • By now McAuley was convinced it was time to pass the editorship to others.
    • Only six months before I had declined the editorship of a big paper outside of Cleveland.