Translation of educationally in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌɛdʒəˈkeɪʃ(ə)nəli/ /ˌɛdʒʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)nəli/


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    such methods are educationally unsound tales métodos carecen de una sólida base pedagógica
    • an educationally deprived background un ambiente con grandes carencias educativas
    • educationally, it makes no sense desde un punto de vista pedagógico, no tiene sentido
    • These people will be educationally well equipped to take up whatever opportunities are on offer there.
    • One possibility is that young people of minority ethnic origin are more motivated to do well educationally than are their white peers.
    • They are economically backward because they are educationally backward.
    • What was once chaotic is now more orderly, and, as this research suggests, students seem to be moving ahead educationally.
    • Getting educationally deprived people through college is not just a matter of giving them a place on a course.
    • Asian Indians are sometimes stereotyped in American society as industrious, prosperous, and professionally and educationally advanced.
    • The Navy was able to use wargames to cheaply, quickly, and educationally try out different ideas in aviation and even ship design.
    • The teachers' role in observing the children's ongoing play was the catalyst for creating this educationally stimulating environment.
    • It has become axiomatic in this country that children from deprived areas are destined to fail educationally.
    • Not only is it entertaining, but children will gain educationally from the references to geography, history and chemistry in the movie.