Translation of edutainment in Spanish:


edutainment, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛdʒəˈteɪnmənt/ /ˌɛdjʊˈteɪnm(ə)nt/


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    programas educativos a través de juegos
    edutainment masculine
    • The company also failed because it jumped on the wrong technological boat, multimedia edutainment for CD-Roms.
    • There is nothing new in Father Christmas, but edutainment - or infotainment - is an American concept steadily establishing itself in this country.
    • Death in Rome offers more edutainment from the BBC.
    • He added: ‘The series promises a combination of education and entertainment on television - in a word, edutainment.’
    • Focusing heavily on edutainment, the channel has launched new programmes like ‘How Things Work’ and ‘Things I do’.
    • Retina is a tool for the creation of interactive spaces, interactive art installations, entertainment and edutainment systems.
    • This edutainment video has a unique blend of comedy and chess instruction, which has never been done before.
    • The museum is holding two one-day edutainment holiday courses in July introducing children to economics, banking basics, the importance of saving and the technology of banking.
    • Establishments already in the area include the Newtown Music Centre and the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, a large science edutainment centre set to open this year.
    • These toys get an educational message across without the annoying upbeat veneer most kids have come to expect from edutainment toys.
    • The edutainment museum will be granted the status of a tourism project by the Department of Tourism, promises the State Government.
    • Thanks to the Mahanaim Foundation - a community service foundation with a mission to educate poor children - and SeaWorld, the underprivileged children were able to visit the aquarium as part of an edutainment program.
    • For hilarity's sake, there's an edutainment Flash game at the site that lets you try to figure out how the island inhabitants moved these enormous heads around.
    • A variety of fun and interactive displays, exhibits and experiments will turn the venue into an edutainment centre for learners from primary to tertiary level.