Translation of Edwardian in Spanish:


eduardiano, adj.

Pronunciation /ɛdˈwɔrdiən/ /ɛdˈwɔːdɪən/


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    • During the late-Victorian and Edwardian era British clerks were under considerable strain to construct a positive masculine identity and experience.
    • Built in 1910, this Edwardian house has been completely restored in recent years by its present owners and retains numerous original features.
    • Charleville Square is a modern development of Edwardian style houses off Butterfield Avenue in Rathfarnham, around four miles from the city centre.
    • Most of the poems and stories Bloom selects are from the Romantic, Victorian, and Edwardian eras.
    • Decorative tile manufacture reached its peak during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.
    • The use of toys and tricks characteristic of an Edwardian nursery is another of many contributory strokes of imaginative genius; they not only fit the story perfectly, but double the potency of its telling.
    • Angry East Sheen residents determined to prevent the demolition of an Edwardian house were left reeling this week after amendments were made to a planning application on the site.
    • A controversial plan to demolish an Edwardian house and replace it with flats has been approved by Bradford Council, despite a flood of objections from residents.
    • Most people's concept of an ideal house still has much more to do with Edwardian design standards than environmental concerns.
    • There'll be an afternoon festival of local music in the Edwardian setting of Bantock House and Park, Wolverhampton.
    • All have been individually decorated in a tasteful, graceful Georgian and Edwardian style - an atmosphere enhanced by the decanter of sherry waiting for you on arrival.
    • Elizabeth's Edwardian childhood was privileged and secure, a world dominated by nurserymaids and governesses, but two dates had fixed points in the firmament of her life.
    • The appearance of barbed wire, machine guns and trenches on the battlefields of the Boer War had made several Edwardian thinkers aware of the case for some sort of armoured land ship.
    • I once interviewed UK antiques expert Mark Franks, who is collecting cigarette cases and Edwardian desks to pay for his retirement.
    • Instead, the investigator turned out to be a grave young man attired in a three-piece suit with Edwardian collar and gold watch fob.
    • As for the new and currently practising writers of Edwardian times, those of the first decade of the century were distinguished for their prose rather than their prosody.
    • He was susceptible to her cosiness, appreciated her sense of humour and shared her weakness for the company of artists and Edwardian comfort.
    • Victorian and Edwardian influences abound on today's estates, which are full of brick-built homes with bay windows under pitched roofs.
    • The York racecourse committee has also loaned Imagine York some excellent pictures of Edwardian racegoers enjoying a day out at Knavesmire.
    • The controversy has attracted the interest of the Victorian Society which seeks to preserve Victorian and Edwardian architecture.


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    eduardiano masculine
    eduardiana feminine
    • In writing about the Edwardians, he eschews the conventional attitude which sees the 20th-century 'noughties' as a period of languorous weekends on the estates of the bloated plutocrats with whom Edward VII surrounded himself.
    • I was a penniless student trying to tour the Greek mainland with the help of Pausanias, a Roman travel writer who lived nearly 2,000 years ago and was to Imperial Rome what Baedecker was to the Edwardians.
    • The Edwardians were no slackers when it came to enjoyment and in their heyday the grand Bohemian resorts of Marienbad and Carlsbad read like a roll call of honour for the great and glorious of the day.
    • The Edwardians turned out for some curious entertainments.
    • These are some of the questions that exercise historians: they also exercised the Edwardians.