Translation of eerie in Spanish:


extraño e inquietante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɪri/ /ˈɪəri/

adjective eerier, eeriest

  • 1

    (atmosphere/silence) extraño e inquietante
    (glow/house) fantasmagórico
    (glow/house) misterioso
    (cry) sobrecogedor
    (cry) estremecedor
    (resemblance/coincidence) misterioso
    an eerie tale of ghosts una historia espeluznante de fantasmas
    • Backstage is strangely eerie, so I go to my dressing-room for some quiet time.
    • The room was dark, except for an eerie glow of green from a weak neon lamp on the ceiling.
    • They are concerned for elderly neighbours who can be left terrified by the eerie silences on the end of the phone.
    • It's the later war scenes, in which there are no scenes of war, that are weird and eerie.
    • Dark grayish smoke smothered the scene and the eerie green fire ate away at the hole in front of him.
    • We move swiftly past riotously colonised rock faces of the cliffs into the eerie green water below the arch.
    • It's dark and eerie - a bizarre experience enhanced by the narcosis that is slowly creeping up on me.
    • The echoes of the last gunshot had died long ago, replaced by an unnatural and eerie silence.
    • The sun was setting and it cast an eerie red glow upon the tan walls of my small room.
    • The sound was particularly successful in adding an eerie feel to the mysterious and compelling plot.
    • He hated how his uncle crept up silently on him; it was both eerie and uncanny.
    • The eerie yellowish glow on the horizon turned out to be vapor lights from a large greenhouse.
    • Over the next few days we cut holes in the sea ice and dived beneath it, which was strange but beautiful in an eerie sort of way.
    • There was something rather eerie about people turning up unexpectedly around the door and starting to sing.
    • This chapter has an eerie, sombre feeling which draws their investigation to a close.
    • The plot begins with a woman who witnesses a murder on a dark and eerie night.
    • An eerie young boy keeps hanging about outside her Central Park apartment.
    • Some show York street scenes so deserted that they have an eerie quality.
    • From somewhere in the emptiness behind us there comes a faint, eerie howl.