Translation of effect in Spanish:


efecto, n.

Pronunciation /əˈfɛkt/ /ɪˈfɛkt/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(consequence)

      efecto masculine
      to have the desired effect producir el efecto deseado
      • to take effect surtir efecto
      • did the treatment have any effect? ¿surtió efecto el tratamiento?
      • she's still feeling the effects of her illness todavía se resiente de su enfermedad
      • the effects of the recession los efectos / las consecuencias de la recesión
      • it has had a disastrous effect on exports ha tenido nefastas consecuencias para las exportaciones
      • the warnings had no effect on him at all las advertencias no hicieron mella en él
      • this will have an effect on prices esto afectará (a) los precios
      • it had the effect of increasing output tuvo como resultado un aumento de la producción
      • to be of little/no effect dar poco/no dar resultado
      • I spoke to her repeatedly about it but to no useful effect le hablé repetidas veces del tema pero sin ningún resultado / sin conseguir nada
      • The result has a direct effect on the finished product, which is read by the public.
      • Central to that argument was that cannabis had a different effect from hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin.
      • There are most likely two factors - apart from voter apathy - which have a significant effect on the poll results.
      • This had a negative effect, resulting in ridiculous relationship standards.
      • It was clear from the start that the strong windy conditions were going to have an immediate effect on the result of the game.
      • There is no evidence of anything in the whole of the universe that is not the result of being the effect of some cause.
      • Interestingly, giving the subjects something that blocks the effects of the original drug resulted in the effects of the placebo being lost.
      • A large effect on compliance resulted from a relatively small intervention effort.
      • Labour and Conservatives seem to have forgotten that the student population is large enough to have an effect on the election results.
      • But the way they build their panels and cull their figures has a huge effect on the results.
      • We could see low-lying islands in the Pacific totally disappear as a result of the effect of greenhouse gases.
      • Consequently, the effect of hedge funds selling the Australian dollar went largely unnoticed.
      • On the other hand, the dry seasons 1996-1998 do not seem to have resulted in such an effect.
      • The consequences then have an effect on the community as a whole.
      • It can be seen that the approximation does not have a large effect on the results.
      • This could represent an important source of bias and in a worst case scenario could have a large effect on the results.
      • Why this should result in a specific effect on anxiety remains an enigma.
      • There has been an immediate effect as a result of the engine rule, with all the teams doing less laps.
      • The aim is to ensure that young people are fully aware of the damaging health effects and legal consequences of drug use.

    • 1.2(phenomenon)

      efecto masculine
      the Doppler effect el efecto de Doppler
      • Heinrich Hertz discovered the photoelectric effect, so called because it was caused by light rays, in 1887.
      • Atomic beams can act like light waves and exhibit all of the classic wave effects, like interference and refraction.
      • The energies are just right inside stars, thanks to an unusual quantum effect known as a resonance.
      • The vibration, though it is not completely circular, provides the rotating reference frame which gives rise to the Coriolis effect.
      • By analogy, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a moving object also exhibits the Doppler effect.

  • 2

    impresión feminine
    the overall effect is one of absolute chaos la impresión general es de un caos total
    • All very understandable, but the effect on the impressionable minds of our intellectual class has been deleterious.
    • He pointed out that material of that sort could have an effect on impressionable minds.
    • Another marine did his best to sneer and look down his nose, though the effect was hardly impressing.
    • Not an extremely elaborate costume perhaps, but the time, thought and effort was clear to see and the overall effect impressed me no end.
    • Clever lighting prevents it from being too dark, though, and the overall effect is impressive.
    • Even researchers are of the same view and psychologists do stress that it has a soothing effect on a disturbed mind.
    • The effect is impressive, even if the images are familiar to anyone who has logged on to the band's website or seen one of their videos.
    • If all that sounds worryingly alcoholic, fear not: the whole effect was wonderfully impressive.
    • But he fears the campaign could have a damaging effect on impressionable teenagers.
    • Plastic objects fail to give a soothing effect on the mind, according to him.
    • However, the splashing water also created a nostalgic effect on the minds of onlookers.
    • In Britain, the experience of the revolution had a liberating effect on people's minds.
    • The sound of the water flowing through the rocks has a soothing effect on the mind.
    • It's interesting that how I've laid out the blog site has such an effect on my mind.
    • When he did you wondered why he was so reticent, for the effect was impressive enough.
    • The warning of the old-earth proponents was powerful in its effect on the minds of the public.
    • We ourselves barely understand a word of it, but the effect is pretty impressive.
    • As colors get closer to each other on the wheel, the more soothing their effect when combined.
    • But this music has always been a part of my life, and its effect is always soothing and uplifting.
    • Big, beautiful showy flowers have a tranquil effect that soothes you at the end of a long day.
  • 3

    (applicability, operation)
    to remain in effect permanecer vigente / en vigor / en vigencia
    • to come into effect entrar in vigor
    • to take effect entrar in vigor
    • with effect from June 15, it will be compulsory a partir del 15 de junio será obligatorio
    • I wish to cancel my subscription with immediate effect quiero cancelar mi suscripción con efecto inmediato
    • to give effect to sth hacer efectivo algo
  • 4

    a statement was issued to the effect that the talks had broken down se hizo público un comunicado en el que se daba a conocer la ruptura de las negociaciones
  • 5effects plural

    • 5.1special effectsCinema Television

      efectos especiales masculine
      • There are some great moments in this film featuring multiple directional effects and surround sounds.
      • Those technicians would endeavour to provide the particular sound or lighting effects instructed by the promoter.
      • Several reviews have not been kind to the film's effects, particularly the creatures summoned by the game.
      • Sound effects and the musical score exhibit excellent fidelity, but the dialogue is harsh with too much noise.
      • There are a multitude of sounds, directional effects, and explosions to thrill any action fan.
      • There is effective use of puppets and perspective with the library stairs, and some clever lighting effects and physical comedy.
      • There is a sequence with a real live tiger, but that's about the extent of the film's visual effects.
      • The other films used very specialised effects and sound - things that were not possible with our equipment.
      • Donnie Darko proves that it's possible to do science fiction with visual effects in the independent film arena.
      • The effects of these films leave us in states of astonishment.
      • I was dreading a rehash of the '80s media onslaught detailing the effects behind the film.
      • She then added different coloured lighting effects to create what would have been a remarkable theatrical display.
      • We have lots of gory effects in this film, a lot more than Resident Evil had.
      • The performances are a mixed bag, which is usually the case when a film concentrates on effects so much.
      • Each film has some impressive effects, but in my view The Colossus attains far richer and more consistent value.
      • The film and effects where good, I enjoyed it but really felt I deserved a little more than was given.
      • Sound effects can provide a sense of realism for your project.
      • What an awful show with bad acting, lousy scripts, ridiculous effects, and poor lighting.
      • The effects were impressive, adding a more realistic touch to the movie.
      • Romeo Must Die makes use of similarly impressive visual effects, especially in the hi-octane fight scenes.

    • 5.2 formal (belongings)

      efectos masculine formal
      personal effects efectos personales
      • Then, after that, we had to bring all of her clothes and personal effects out of storage.
      • Packing up his personal effects and bringing them home was the most upsetting thing I've ever had to do.
      • There, he discovers boxes of personal effects, including the pulp literature of his youth.
      • The personnel effects of officers often comprised a significant portion of the baggage train's total.
      • I walked in, announced I was quitting and was given enough time to type up my resignation, take my personal effects from my drawers, and was gone.
      • Some personal effects, including a full packet of cigarettes and a cigarette lighter were found close to one of the uprooted trees.
      • After 1942, my grandfather's letters and personal effects were collected by his older sister.
      • The villa has since been converted into a museum with a gallery of photographs and replicas of Gandhi's personal effects.
      • I've just noticed that after two months I still have no personal effects decorating my desk or office walls apart from a few work type things.
      • Ten days later, the young man again smashed a car window, this time fleeing the scene with a small number of personal effects.
      • She is escorted back to the booking desk where the original officer is waiting with her personal effects.
      • When I left the final load of my personal effects in my car overnight, you found a brilliant way to drive that point home.
      • Your house contents and personal effects, are you sure they won't be stolen?
      • Two removalists trucks packed up the Butler's personal effects on Saturday to be put into storage.
      • Never leave valuables in view most insurance companies will not cover replacement costs for the loss of personal effects.
      • I simply became aware of it as I was burning various personal effects to avoid anyone finding them after I'd gone.
      • Few personal effects are visible - it looks as if he has just moved in.
      • She had been the victim of a previous break-in in July during which some personal effects were stolen.
      • Interestingly in his will he had no personal effects to leave to anyone and he had no surviving family.
      • Do not stop to collect your personal effects, there is no time to waste for this is surely a matter of life and death.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (reconciliation/cure) lograr
    • He even stated that he need not name every disease or body part, that God's power was effecting a multitude of cures all over the arena.
    • The acceptances were effected by the execution of the acceptance forms.
    • So the parliament is stacked against any possibility of really effecting the kind of security, peace and economic policies that I believe in.
    • Finding a good mechanic to repair vintage cars without effecting any alterations in their original look and design is a major headache.
    • Impressively, Nelson's interlinking pieces fill the whole gallery, effecting a transformation that fully exploits the possibilities of the space.
    • In many ways, it's simply been an escalation of the firepower on both sides without necessarily effecting a major change in the outcome.
    • Recently in the media, however, one aspect of the system has been highlighted for effecting drastic change: the courts.
    • The government has come out and assured the settlers that the soldiers who will be effecting the evacuation will do so without arms.
    • In effecting these controls, the Parish is making the point that the Church car park is private property and an asset belonging to the Church.
    • Both buyer and seller pay the auction house a considerable commission for effecting the transaction.
    • Just before this score Lawler had brilliantly effected a double penalty save to keep his side in the contest.
    • The protracted rebel war in the north of Uganda has effected many changes.
    • Stable Boys maintained better domination of the game and effected a tactical ball control game.
    • It is only by means of a conceptual violence that their separation is effected.
    • What we still do not know today, in many respects, is how that return was effected.
    • This is the first time she will have effected a change in her style and title without the need to marry a man.
    • He was grateful to the Government for the role it played in boosting the sales by effecting a ban on imported cement from Zimbabwe which had triggered an increase in the output of the commodity.
    • Banks (or at least their subsidiaries) are often members of these exchanges rather than simply effecting transactions through broker members.
    • He did not warn that those promoting recall are bent on effecting a massive transfer of wealth from the working majority to those in the top income bracket.
    • The more ordinary the means employed in effecting this contextual shift, the less we are likely to be able to say at just which point the change took place.
  • 2

    (plan/escape) llevar a cabo
  • 3

    (repairs) efectuar formal
    (repairs) hacer
  • 4

    (payment/withdrawal) efectuar formal
    (payment/withdrawal) hacer