Translation of effectively in Spanish:


con eficacia, adv.

Pronunciation /əˈfɛktəvli/ /ɪˈfɛktɪvli/


  • 1

    (manage/spend) con eficacia
    (manage/spend) eficazmente
    the cure worked extremely effectively el tratamiento surtió un efecto muy positivo / logró muy buenos resultados
    • Although such control is desirable, it is impossible to see how it can be effectively achieved.
    • Sulphur dioxide blocks it effectively, in a manner not yet fully understood.
    • The more you practice, the better you will get at both asking effectively and getting results.
    • That system was to be better resourced to deal more effectively with offending behaviour.
    • She accepts that it might be possible to direct resources effectively at all pupils.
    • Ireland has prudently and effectively used the resources provided by the union.
    • She said lots of journalists in Africa had no resources to operate effectively.
    • This analysis allows the manager of change to allocate resources more effectively.
    • The Allies had to mobilise and utilise their large resources effectively on the battlefield and in the air.
    • This has allowed scarce resources to be more effectively and efficiently deployed.
    • We worked effectively as a single team of Democrat senators to achieve a lot of positive things.
    • What exercise does for me is to help me deal effectively and, I hope in a healthy manner, with the stress.
    • His policies for achieving this aim must be implemented quickly, and effectively.
    • Resources will then be allocated effectively in the time-honoured tradition of markets.
    • The question many of us have to start asking is how do you counter this effectively?
    • That is exactly why this happened as quickly and as effectively and as safely as it did.
    • There was no way he was going to recover from this and be able to lead the senate effectively.
    • We need to share our resources and pool our strengths more consistently and effectively.
    • It is a difficult job and only trained and experienced individuals can effectively carry it out.
    • It is a welcome gesture and we hope to utilise these funds most effectively.
    • Usually the inflammation and pain can be effectively controlled with one or other of these medications.
    • This acts as a straitjacket and means that governments effectively lose control of their own economies.
    • When that money runs out, the union would effectively come under college control.
    • This, effectively, gave them control over the whole process of production.
    • He listed a number of neighbouring towns that were effectively outside his control.
    • They can effectively control the pain and stiffness, and usually begin to work within hours.
    • The absentee is effectively manipulating the show in his favour by remote control.
    • With the rejectionist hawks in control, the peace process would be effectively dead.
    • Failure to comply with safety requirements effectively results in a breach of employment contract.
    • This made many of the sequences we were planning effectively impossible to achieve.
    • In the hope of achieving peace, he effectively recognized Syria's influence.
    • As with patient charges, this effectively transfers resources from the poor to the rich.
    • A negative result, however, will effectively send the case back to square one.
    • Before they got the results they felt very close and were effectively sisters to each other.
    • It was claimed that, as a result, the trust moneys had effectively been withdrawn.
    • The result is that the diver effectively becomes drugged and feels slightly euphoric.
    • By any standards, an effectively complete sequence will be a remarkable achievement.
    • To a large extent, the refusal movement was marginalised and effectively gagged.
    • The same is true of US visitors, as the dollar effectively trades at parity with the euro.
    • The Green Party said the increases in service charges were effectively stealth taxes.
  • 2

    (contrast/decorate) con mucho efecto
    (contrast/decorate) con gran efecto
    (speak) convincentemente
  • 3

    (in effect)
    de hecho
    effectively, what he's saying is that … de hecho, lo que está diciendo es que …