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eficiencia, n.

Pronunciación /əˈfɪʃənsi/ /ɪˈfɪʃ(ə)nsi/

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nombreplural efficiencies

  • 1

    • 1.1(of person, system)

      eficiencia femenino
      (study/bonus) (before noun) de rendimiento
      greater energy efficiency un mejor aprovechamiento de la energía
      • Sri Lanka has identified health as an area where information technology should be used to boost efficiency and service quality.
      • The nation's translation industry is often criticized for its poor quality and lack of efficiency.
      • He spends most of his time assessing quality and efficiency at the plant.
      • The harbor has been working to improve service quality and operational efficiency.
      • For us, it is important to increase efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in budgeting.
      • Increased productivity and efficiency in business today depend on the appliance of science.
      • As the amount of glass used in a house increases, the energy efficiency usually decreases.
      • Too much pressure is detrimental to our effectiveness, productivity and efficiency.
      • They are clamouring for ways to increase efficiency without taking any risks with the quality of the food.
      • As a consequence, the Senate began to act with new efficiency and effectiveness.
      • The recuperator recovers energy from the exhaust gases to increase fuel efficiency.
      • Like any factory if the working environment isn't ideal productivity and efficiency will suffer.
      • The regulator also said the company needed to focus on improving efficiency and quality of its service.
      • The plan mostly includes the increase of energy efficiency and cuts in the amount of energy we use.
      • Many options that improve energy efficiency are available.
      • The announcement, accompanied by proposals to achieve greater energy efficiency, has delighted environmental campaigners.
      • The initial goal of the reformers was to achieve greater economic efficiency through the rapid privatization of all state-owned assets.
      • We will also try to boost operational efficiency to offset a possible decline in our profitability.
      • There is no guarantee that financial liberalization will enhance economic efficiency, nor that privatization will guarantee competition.
      • Many laboratories have been quite successful in examining the efficiency of their operations.

    • 1.2Mecánica Física

      rendimiento masculino
      • They emit no pollutants and have impressive energy efficiencies.
      • Chiller energy efficiencies have steadily climbed over the past years.
      • They appeal because of the very high energy efficiencies they offer and the lack of environmental impact.
      • Compare the energy efficiencies and operating costs of competing models.
      • It is true that the fuel cells themselves have very low emissions and efficiencies up to 55 percent.

  • 2EEUU also efficiency apartment

    (gen amueblado) apartamento pequeño masculino