Translation of effort in Spanish:


esfuerzo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛfərt/ /ˈɛfət/

Definition of esfuerzo in Spanish


  • 1

    • 1.1(attempt)

      esfuerzo masculine
      to make an effort hacer un esfuerzo
      • she made a tremendous effort to give up smoking hizo un gran esfuerzo / se esforzó mucho para dejar de fumar
      • please make an effort to get here before ten por favor traten de / intenten llegar antes de las diez
      • repeated efforts were made to contact him se intentó repetidamente localizarlo
      • she made little/no effort to hide her displeasure hizo pocos esfuerzos/no hizo ningún esfuerzo por disimular su descontento
      • he simply makes no effort el caso es que no se esfuerza en absoluto
      • she couldn't even make the effort to telephone ni siquiera se molestó en llamar
      • Clean Calgary and the City of Calgary are teaming up again in an effort to reduce the amount of garbage being generated locally.
      • Mr Fuller added that the school has made sacrifices in expenditure and eight staff have taken promotions with no pay rise in an effort to reduce costs.
      • The warning has been made by the Royal Life Saving Society in an effort to reduce the number of drowning-deaths.
      • The implementation of this workplace smoking ban is crucial in an effort to reduce these unnecessary deaths.
      • North Yorkshire County Council is to lobby the Government in an effort to reduce the use of disposable nappies.
      • A post-mortem examination was being held yesterday in an effort to determine the exact cause of death.
      • Eggs laid in the dovecote will be removed regularly in an effort to humanely reduce the size of the flock.
      • A number of changes have been made in an effort to reduce the problems experienced in the past.
      • In an effort to reduce the numbers of cars on the road, licence plates are rationed.
      • Dieters often cut back on protein in an effort to reduce calories and lose weight.
      • A department store is offering customers a parking fee refund in an effort to spark a campaign to lure shoppers back into York city centre.
      • Smokeless braziers have been introduced in an effort to reduce air pollution in homes and the broader community.
      • The company said it will also dispose of 12,000 surplus freight cars in an effort to reduce costs.
      • Primary schools launched a safety campaign yesterday in an effort to prevent child deaths on our roads.
      • It has sold shares and assets and shed costs in an effort to reduce debt.
      • The first skateboard park at a Scottish school is set to open in an effort to battle teenage inactivity.
      • Of course, some efforts only go so far.
      • And when their efforts again prove mostly fruitless, the cycle starts anew.
      • Today's efforts go far beyond the wellness fairs and free cholesterol screenings that first cropped up in the 1990s.
      • Will the government's effort to marry off more low-income single parents ease poverty?

    • 1.2(exertion, strain)

      esfuerzo masculine
      he passed his exams without any effort aprobó sus exámenes sin ningún esfuerzo / sin esforzarse
      • they've put a lot of effort into it han trabajado / se han esforzado mucho en ello
      • it took (a) considerable effort to keep quiet me resultó muy difícil callarme
      • it doesn't take much effort or much of an effort to say thank you no cuesta tanto decir gracias
      • it requires an enormous effort of will exige una gran fuerza de voluntad
      • it's an effort for me climb the stairs me cuesta mucho (esfuerzo) subir la escalera
      • I'd like you to help me, if it's not too much of an effort quisiera que me ayudaras, si no es mucho pedir
      • it's not worth the effort no merece / vale la pena
      • He put huge physical and mental effort into achieving this goal, chasing his dream from his native Austria to London and on to California.
      • In the meantime I don't really feel much like blogging - it just requires too much mental effort at the moment.
      • Using a bicycle or walking is definitely an alternative, but both require physical effort.
      • The other things, like homework, require mental effort that they can see no result from and does not satisfy their needs.
      • She's also more easily distracted, so multitasking requires extra mental effort.
      • Moreover, modern rifles don't possess bows or strings either, and require little physical effort to load.
      • And, in our own small way, we must try and make some kind of physical effort.
      • I'm being sensible, keeping up the liquids and avoiding excessive physical effort but even so it's beginning to get to me.
      • This is not so much due to time constraints as due to the fact that I don't feel like putting intense mental effort into it.
      • It takes a great deal of mental effort to keep in mind the fact that whatever is happening is just plain fiction.
      • The sheer physical effort wasn't bad, but after a while the psychological pressure began to mount.
      • Computers supply answers at the press of a key, with no mental effort needed.
      • We could organise a party here of course, but that requires more effort and energy than I currently have.
      • Both teams gave absolutely everything in terms of physical effort but neither quite had the cutting edge to break through.
      • The effort he puts into his swing is not a great amount of physical effort.
      • It requires a lot of effort, talent and hard work to make programming that sustains both critical and popular acclaim.
      • With a little more mental effort from wise people like yourselves, it could be improved.
      • He used to suffer from bad headaches and had to avoid all mental effort.
      • It then took only a slight mental effort to isolate a moment within that time stream and to observe it.
      • Irene and I managed to get to church together, which requires heroic effort on her part.

  • 2

    • 2.1(campaign, operation)

      campaña feminine
      • the war effort

    • 2.2(achievement)

      a literary/an artistic effort una obra / creación literaria/artística
      • what do you think of my latest effort? ¿qué te parece mi última obra / creación?
      • for an amateur, that's not a bad effort para un aficionado, no está nada mal

    • 2.3Physics

      esfuerzo masculine
      • The tractive effort of the machine seems weak, especially in this deep snow that we have now.
      • The speed reached by such a body depends on the ratio of the effort exerted to the resistance offered.
      • The mechanical advantage, which we shall call simply the advantage, is the ratio of the load to the effort.
      • They allow tailoring a machine's effort and energy to meet the load's requirements for optimum efficiency.