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natural, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈɛfərtləs/ /ˈɛfətlɪs/

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    (grace) natural
    (prose/style) fluido
    an apparently effortless movement un movimiento realizado sin esfuerzo aparente
    • He is a passionate garden-maker, a sensualist blessed with an artist's eye and an effortless sense of style.
    • Her style is effortless, drop-dead elegance.
    • Khakis have become synonymous with effortless style suitable for leisure trips and business casual wear.
    • Shorn of its string arrangement, Drake's incredible guitar playing and effortless melodic sense are all the more apparent.
    • They epitomised effortless style and glamour.
    • He succeeds in conveying the contradictions of his character with a natural, seemingly effortless ability.
    • The effortless and natural acting of the children add a unique flavour to the film making it realistic and palpable.
    • Detractors raise an eyebrow even at that rating, while fans claim it is the apogee of shabby chic and effortless elegance.
    • She tells the story with seemingly effortless grace and it reads like the very best novels.
    • Angela couldn't help but admire the woman's effortless grace as she strode away.
    • I enjoyed every page of this book, spellbound as ever by Smith's apparently effortless verbal magic.
    • Her brash buoyancy and his effortless elegance lifted the audience into the stratosphere.
    • He shows effortless charisma as he glides and even dances through the film.
    • But when he meets her, her effortless charisma leads him to hire her as a dancer.
    • He could pass for mid-50s and has an effortless style.
    • It's another recording of effortless beauty that finds the band at their most relaxed and enjoyable.
    • The young waiters offset all this history with their effortless urban cool; one has sideburns you could ski-jump off.
    • The strained limbs in his bronzes of ballerinas behind the stage expose the ordeals necessary to simulate an effortless grace on the stage.
    • James Nesbitt, who brings effortless charm to any character he plays, was perfect as the two boys' father.
    • Would-be trendy restaurants all try to be cool, but this place oozes effortless and unselfconscious cool from every pore.