Traducción de egg custard en español:

egg custard

natillas, n.

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    natillas femenino
    (thicker) crema pastelera femenino
    (sin caramelo) (baked) flan masculino
    • But if this is far too tacky for your delicate palate, you could always make yourself a quiche, bacon and egg pie or baked egg custard.
    • Cultural eating patterns and beliefs can affect oral health in children, with one example being the tendency among some ethnic groups to put children to bed with a bottle of milk to which egg custard has been added.
    • One day, using that principle, he over-cooked the egg custard for an ice cream, so that it practically became scrambled.
    • An odd choice I thought after a fairly large meal, but he declared it to be light and tangy and the real egg custard a treat.
    • Another house specialty is the crème caramel, a smooth egg custard properly cooked in a bain-marie, with a generous layer of maple syrup on the bottom.