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egg on

incitar, v.

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    to egg sb on to + inf incitar a algn a + inf
    azuzar a algn para que + subj
    • The man looked sick, but people around him were egging him on, encouraging him.
    • He rings up bosses where there is a dispute and either eggs them on, or urges them to continue the dispute.
    • Her sister Vanessa egged her on to drive a hard bargain and advised her to withhold the story unless ‘money is paid beforehand’.
    • When the Prime Minister is saying that we should all look at this in a calm, sensible and measured way his deputy stands up and starts egging us on, trying to get people to respond and wind people up.
    • She is calling out to the other two, who are some distance behind her, egging them on with visions of cold beer and hot barbecued oysters at the end of the hike…
    • Most regular readers of this blog can do their own ‘tut-tutting’ without me egging them on.
    • I also plead guilty to egging Val on to write about his air force experiences.
    • In particular, Harry lacks the humour and the menace he should display in egging George on.
    • Jones could be heard egging Flintoff on from his spot on the boundary.
    • Standing next to me was a fellow patient, a burly Scotsman, egging me on: ‘Go on, son, you can do it.’
    • How could I both surrender to the demon sitting on my shoulder, egging me on, yet not give myself away?
    • Only last Saturday they were egging me on to buy four-inch heel patent-leather sandals in the window at Dolcis.
    • My pal's front room was packed, the audience egging me on so to speak, as I downed the first few in quick succession.
    • My sister, who's more of a soul girl, is disgusted that this drunken, unshaved punk letch in a battered leather jacket is trying it on and that her skinhead brother's egging him on.
    • The man keeps going, the reporter egging him on.
    • Blind-folded and with the crowd egging him on, the wand in his hand moved in the air swiftly and continuously in search of that elusive pot.
    • Another was in the vicinity, egging him on with shouts.
    • The other patrons were terrifically entertained, egging him on; not a dissenting view was heard.
    • The big scandal is that some of the people in the chat room were egging him on to take more.
    • You can't help but warm to her, sharing her enjoyment and egging her on.