Translation of eggnog in Spanish:


ponche de huevo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɛɡˌnɑɡ/ /ˈɛɡnɒɡ/


  • 1

    ponche de huevo masculine
    rompón masculine
    rompope masculine Central America, Mexico
    candeal masculine River Plate
    cola de mono feminine Chile
    • Non-alcoholic drinks I like are almost any type of fruit juice (I never got to drink much of this last year, and I got such cravings for it, it was incredible), coke, coffee, anything chocolatey, egg-nog, and iced coffee.
    • If you are pounding a lot of the holiday cheer, sucking down the egg-nog like it's going out of style and generally getting merry, let someone else pilot the car if that's how you are travelling and you've had too much.
    • Even though eggnog is a traditional seasonal beverage, you may not expect it in a latte.
    • I'll make eggnog and set out special ornaments and wrap presents with 20 different kinds of paper and color-coordinated ribbon.
    • There are parties with spiked eggnog and trees adorned with colors and stars and angels.