Translation of ego in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈiɡoʊ/ /ˈiːɡəʊ/ /ˈɛːɡəʊ/

nounplural egos

  • 1

    the ego el yo
    • Jung also found that in practice both anima and animus act in dreams and in the imagination as mediators of the unconscious to the ego, so providing a means for inner as well as outer adaptation.
    • The effects of a shift in identity from the ego to the inner self are dramatic and remarkable.
    • Letting go of the ego, the persona, the rational mind is a central experience in mystical traditions.
    • So what if perception is warped by our egos and reality is warped by perception?
    • It talked about relaxing the grip of your ego and emptying your mind.
  • 2

    amor propio masculine
    ego masculine
    to damage sb's ego herir a algn en su amor propio
    • to deflate sb's ego bajarle los humos a algn
    • to boost sb's ego alimentar el ego de algn
    • If I do get all of that done and sorted out properly my meetings tend to go very well, and that's a big big boost to my ego.
    • Your natural reactions to circumstances encourage success and the healthy growth of your ego and self-esteem.
    • It is very flattering and a big boost to the ego to receive compliments from someone like Stacey Jones.
    • She has called to ask me out to dinner: big boost to my male ego.
    • If a teacher starts in on a child about religion or other such things or starts to shun a child, it is very damaging to the ego and to the self esteem.
    • After having dominated a sport for some time, that would have been a huge knock to her ego, to her self-esteem as a player and a person.
    • This completely shattered my pride and punctured my ego and self-respect.
    • And I've heard whispers that another girl I work with has her eyes on me, which is helping to boost my ego a little…
    • It's no surprise he can't cope with sudden huge wealth, press intrusion and hoards of ‘yes men’ boosting his ego.
    • Some weeks, your ego gets a little boost when someone sends you an e-mail about something you wrote or approaches you in person.
    • My ego is nicely boosted now, more so because I didn't expect it to happen.
    • Being in a relationship is a boost to the ego, and being dumped is devastating to it - at least if you're me.
    • But shhh, you have to pretend otherwise, or you'll bruise their fragile egos.
    • A couple of bruised male egos later I and about 11 other guys made the team.
    • He argues that the male ego is increasingly fragile, with sexual performance at the root of it.
    • And if others notice you, it might polish your bruised ego a little.
    • You can no longer rely on his ineptitude to prop up your fragile ego.
    • A car, psychologists tell us, is an extension of man's ego.
    • I mean, that's got to hurt a guy's ego.