Traducción de eh en español:


Pronunciación /eɪ/

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  • 1

    (expressing interest)
    so you went to Paris, eh? así que fuiste a París ¿no?
    • so you want to marry my daughter, eh? así que se quiere casar con mi hija ¿eh?
    • Can I buy you fellas a beer while Alan and I farm a little, eh?
    • ‘Look at that faucet, eh!’ exclaims a mother to her friend.
    • He had become hard of hearing and occasionally, with the sound of a distant lawn mower coming from outside, leaned forward to say ‘Eh?
  • 2

    (inviting agreement)
    it's not bad, eh, this paella? no está mal esta paella ¿eh?
  • 3

    (inviting repetition)
  • 4

    (expressing incredulity)