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decimoctavo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌeɪ(t)ˈtinθ/ /ˈeɪ(t)ˌtinθ/ /ˌeɪˈtiːnθ/

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  • 1

    → see also fifth


  • 1

    en decimoctavo lugar
    → see also fifth


  • 1

    dieciochoavo masculino
  • 2

    dieciochoava parte femenino
    • My neighbour ingeniously cobbled together a plant doing the same job for around $10,000, one eighteenth of that.
    • Alice Springs gets 5000 overnight visitors: that's one eighteenth when compared with Chamonix, although Alice has a permanent population nearly three times bigger.
    • He pointed out that clause 1 provided for payment of a maintenance charge being one eighteenth of the expenses paid or incurred by the Landlord under clause 6.
    • How many sixths equal three eighteenths?
    • New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and New Zealand each agreed to pay one-ninth of the cost of the cable, and Canada five-eighteenths.
  • 3

    it's her eighteenth today hoy cumple dieciocho años
    • Then he disappears until the eighteenth episode, in which he speaks with a British accent.
    • A poll to determine the degree of "positive marquee value" among Hollywood featured players ranked Bogart eighteenth.
    • This will be my eighteenth national conference, the last eleven consecutive.
    • The annual competition is now in its eighteenth year.
    • This was not only their eighteenth engagement at the Academy's Opera House - but the second one in three months.
    • Atwood was born on the eighteenth of November, 1939, the daughter of a forest entomologist.
    • Billy bought Valencia a star sapphire ring for their eighteenth wedding anniversary.
    • In the wallet, Spade finds a ticket to the Geary Theater for Wednesday the eighteenth.
    • In Britain our new century has much in common with the eighteenth.
    • He came eighteenth out of 25 candidates, picking up 50 of the 420 eligible votes.