Translation of eighth in Spanish:


octavo, adj.

Pronunciation /eɪ(t)θ/ /eɪtθ/


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    → see also fifth
    • As the Byzantines gradually lost control of Italy in the eighth century, a number of cities began to emerge as more or less independent powers.
    • This graveyard is an ancient site dating back to the eighth century at least as depicted by the burial of an unknown bishop buried in the eighth century.
    • In the eighth century BC there must have been lots of large villages in the Central Mediterranean populated by refugees and runaways.
    • Archaeological evidence suggests that the area has been inhabited since the eighth century.
    • Founded in the eighth century, its soaring, spired silhouette is as celebrated an image of France as the Eiffel Tower.
    • It grew quickly, and by the eighth century it had tall buildings and was crowded with people.
    • The history of this craft goes back to the eighth century, and was imported into Japan from China.
    • They have just celebrated their eighth year at number one.
    • The eighth century had seen the regional kingdoms and larger monasteries of Britain and Ireland became major landowners and economic powers.
    • The islands were colonized by Africans in the eighth century.
    • When the Moors conquered most of the known world in the eighth century, they used a special technique to aid their cause.
    • Tea was introduced to Japan as early as the eighth century from China, where it was used for medicinal reasons.
    • The Moors invaded Spain in the eighth century, and much of the Spanish language derives from Arabic.
    • Founded in the eighth century, it has long been a cultural, artistic, and religious centre.
    • In the eighth century, another earthquake struck, but by that time the city had been abandoned.
    • Since the eighth century his poetry and life story have been familiar to every educated Chinese.
    • He's also the eighth goaltender to start the playoffs for the Flyers in eight years.
    • Liverpool have the eighth best goalscoring record and the seventh best defensive record.
    • Jenson Button dedicated his eighth podium finish of the season to his sick grandfather after a fine drive in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.
    • The players still think they can make a run at the eighth seed in the playoffs.


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    en octavo lugar
    → see also fifth


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    octavo masculine
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    octava parte feminine