Translation of elastic in Spanish:


elástico, n.

Pronunciation /əˈlæstɪk/ /ɪˈlastɪk/

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    elástico masculine
    • I know too, that nylon and stretch elastic, cast aside by fishermen, catches around seabirds' legs and either slowly kills or maims them.
    • After doing some research, I discovered the answer: The dryer was destroying the rubber elastic in the socks and underwear.
    • White rubber elastic is strong and stable and is commonly used in competitive swim-suits.
    • Pin strap elastic at center back, curving up to top of bra band.
    • Stretch the clear elastic several times to remove any future give.
    • Strings or elastic might be attached inside the skirt to keep the back fullness and the bustle in place.
    • Use a large needle to thread thin elastic through the mask, knotting elastic at each end to create a band.
    • The dress was a knee length halter, with no sleeves, but just enough elastic to hold it onto Amanda's pre-teen chest.
    • You can see this by imagining two spots of paint on a strip of elastic or on a rubber band.
    • Stabilize seams as you sew with clear elastic or sheer tricot tape.
    • It stretched across them like endless elastic.
    • New ribbons add extra flexibility and support for lacing up the leg, and mesh elastic blends seamlessly with tights while helping the shoe to fit more snugly.
    • Take the fabric for the top and starting at the back end of the board, use your largest zigzag stitch to sew corded elastic to the edge, all the way around the board.
    • She fastens it there with a strong hair elastic, and uses a hatpin to attach the cloth flower.
    • She took the hair elastic from her wrist and pulled her straight hair away from her face and into a ponytail; this was the last time she would look at her little studio apartment again.
    • Modern day carp poles are ideal for Irish fishing but remember to change the internal elastic for strong powergum as this will enable you to lift decent size fish without needing a landing net.
    • The leg elastic didn't pinch and kept the shorts in place.
    • The same leg gripper elastic is also around the ankle area.
    • In a drawer in the nightstand there was a brush and many hair elastics.
    • Stretch the elastics quickly and touch them to your lips.
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    liga feminine
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    (waistband/garter) de elástico
    (waistband/garter) elástico
    (stocking) elastizado
    (stocking) elástico
    • The separation between these two kinds of world is not a division into two parts set in isolation from one another but more like a stretching of an elastic material in two directions.
    • Braces are made from combinations of metal, foam, plastic, elastic material, and straps.
    • I saw him examining fallen leaves, a freshly-painted door, and the way in which an elastic fabric deformed when stretched.
    • The fibrous layer, which is made of aragonite and organic material, is elastic only under compressional stress.
    • By definition, a material is elastic if it recovers its initial shape after load removal.
    • In the analysis, soil was modeled using a linearly elastic, perfectly plastic material.
    • Modern plastics and latex materials are too elastic and flimsy to compete with nature's brilliant design.
    • Within certain loading limits, it behaves as a homogenous elastic material and these limits are wider than for normal concrete.
    • For example, the wheels are made of an elastic material to absorb more of the shock from bumpy roads and reduce noise.
    • Overlying elastic material derived from the volcanic rocks is estimated to be of Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous age.
    • The mandible is composed of elastic materials and it will deform due to loads exerted by the jaw muscles, bite point, and joints.
    • The resulting rigid and mechanically isolated bundles may then inelastically transmit traction over a greater range than in a uniformly elastic material.
    • But a more elastic material, such as nitinol, can be used to produce an endoscope that offers a high degree of flexibility and kink resistance.
    • The elastic material above the interface would go through a loading-unloading cycle, but the energy would not be dissipated.
    • The only thing I have to complain about is that the material is very elastic, so after wearing them a few times, they've gotten a bit loose, which is not good at all.
    • Use something like leather harnesses (if you have them), ties, and elastic material.
    • A popular style of loafers come with elastic material on either side.
    • A tubular protector, which is made of an elastic material, is attached to the cap.
    • This a tube made out of an elastic material that is very similar to a normal healthy aorta.
    • Obsidian can also be employed as an elastic earthquake-resistant building material.
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    (fiber/properties) elástico
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    (rule/definition) elástico
    • Its ramifications are contentious, and the principle's formulation is sufficiently elastic to accommodate a variety of constructions.
    • The concept of ‘sectarian balance’ is equally elastic and carries a variety of meanings.
    • Special relativity showed that time is elastic, flexible.
    • Private and family life is a flexible and elastic concept incapable of precise definition.
    • In any case, we will know by tomorrow whether it's a wrap, or this flexible deadline remains elastic.
    • She figures the concept is elastic enough to accommodate the change she wants to make in herself.
    • It has to be elastic enough to take account of unpredictable events, and it still has to allow for editors to have the freedom to be wrong.
    • The concept of ‘humiliation’ is so elastic in this writer as to be practically meaningless.
    • While they may sound more elastic than their stiff competition, flexible packages also can be quite strong.
    • By the end, since the rules that govern the universe in which the film is set have become so elastic, practically anything is possible and so nothing is at stake.
    • In these days of the multifunctional bank the scope of banking business seems, as a matter of practice, to be infinitely elastic.
    • Of course, this is because my account of epistemology is, in certain respects, highly elastic.
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    (demand/supply) elástico