Translation of electric shock in Spanish:

electric shock

descarga eléctrica, n.


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    descarga eléctrica feminine
    I got an electric shock recibí / me dio una descarga eléctrica
    • electric shock treatment tratamiento de electrochoque
    • The pain can be steady and burning or come like sudden electric shocks.
    • A defibrillator emits a series of electric shocks, these make sure the heart does not have erratic rhythms.
    • If the instrument and the expertise are available, electric shocks are administered with a defibrillator, which may or may not restore a normal electrical rhythm and hence a regular beat.
    • The only other options are implanted defibrillators that administer electric shocks to the heart, and transplants.
    • Current therapy often focuses on using drugs or electric shocks to try to fix the confused signal.
    • Defibrillators treat ventricular fibrillation by delivering an electric shock to the chest, and so indirectly to the heart.
    • As is well known in experimental psychology, electric shocks cause a sudden rise in skin conductance.
    • Fox nodded his way and Travis pushed the button that sent electric shocks through Brandon's body.
    • When I think about him it's as though there's been an electric shock all through my body.
    • It is known that subjecting cells to a sudden electric shock will cause them to open up and take in foreign DNA.
    • This nerve disorder causes disabling facial pain that feels like an electric shock.
    • Cardioversion, or electric shocks, can also be used to re-set heart rhythm.
    • TV and video locks protect a toddler from accidents and potential electric shocks and will protect your valuable equipment from damage.
    • Atrial fibrillation can also be treated with cardioversion, which involves a controlled electric shock to the heart.
    • Then your heart is given an electric shock to make it return to normal rhythm.
    • Some can even tell when the heart stops beating and produce a small electric shock to restart it.
    • It is impossible to give someone an electric shock with a defibrillator unless they really need it.